Forced concern;  polarization and absence of authority in Mexico

There are many casualties from the present polarization environment. Moderation is one of these, which worries more when the person who loses it is the one who has the most power or influence. In the midst of all the problems that exist and the claim of one and the other for different reasons, it is wise that the presiding minister of the Court, Norma Piña, points out that what corresponds to the judges to do in the face of the demonstrations on the occasion of the women’s day is to shut up and listen.

Hopefully and that was the sign of our times on the part of the authorities in the face of the social claim in the face of many of the present issues: shut up and listen. Of course, at the time of her position you have to define, you also have to act as Minister Piña does well, who has become a benchmark in these difficult times for the country and the legal regime. Certainly, as a reaction to those who take to the streets to make gender inequality and violence visible, the most prudent thing to do is to keep quiet and listen.

It is to be expected that the peaceful demonstration will be overwhelmed by the overwhelming indignation of some and the provocation of others. But it is a minor issue that should not distract from understanding the cause of the claim. What must be exposed is the usual discrimination and the growing violence against women, as well as the indifference or inability of the authorities to recognize it and act accordingly. It is not only a matter of perception, it is a reality.

In this same context of disagreement and claim, the way in which polarization in North American society should be concerned, as a result of the serious public health problem represented by the illegal consumption of fentanyl, addresses the issue of its relationship with the neighbor. Mexico is in the dock of the accused, the authorities, politicians in recess, agencies, legislators, the media and society in general. The evidence is conclusive: the country’s authorities have not been able to contain the advance of crime.

The retention by criminals of four North Americans and the murder of two of them, which occurred in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, recreates in the neighboring country the idea of ​​the absence of authority and justice in Mexico. The images lead to it. It is not a matter of sensationalism, as the president says Lopez ObradorIt is a reality that acquired greater dimensions because people of North American origin were involved. These types of situations are recurring in many parts of the country and, due to their repetition, have become part of the landscape. The trial and sentence against garcia moon ratifies the prejudice against Mexico, even though the president Lopez Obrador pretend to see it as a matter of the past. The reality is that it was the North American justice system that acted, not the Mexican one.

The government response discriminates between nationals and foreigners. Days before, the military riddled five young men in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas; The massacre did not receive similar attention to that in Matamoros, which is even more serious, not only because of the number of fatalities, but also because the perpetrators are authorities. There was no press conference with prominent officials as occurred in the criminal acts of Matamoros. Two standards from nationality. Equality before the law does not exist.

Mexico is experiencing its worst threat due to the indignation that exists in the neighboring country to the north. It must not be ignored. The idea of ​​punitive actions by the armed forces in national territory must be rejected and in that, ranks must be closed beyond the attitudes of the president Lopez Obrador and of the responsibility of his government for the complacent response to the growth of organized crime on the borders and in many other parts of the country.

The deterioration of the security situation and the rule of law requires serious reflection, debate, and a proposal to reverse the situation. Fortunately, there are successful experiences in the field of security that indicate that the way forward is to end impunity, without ignoring that from now on it is necessary to act with determination to face the problem of violence and the deficient capacity of the authorities to bring those responsible to justice. The neighbor’s threat is averted by acting with determination and efficiency against the criminal.


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