Even the DAIA went out to cross Sturzenegger

The Delegation of Argentine Israelite Associations (DAIA) issued a statement in which it questioned the allusions of the former head of the Central Bank, Frederick Sturzenegger, since they considered that “it trivialized the Shoah drawing a parallelism between the political situation of our country and the Nazi regime”.

Through its Twitter account, the DAIA made a “call of conscience” for what they interpreted as a trivialization of the Holocaust by the former official of the Macrista government.

“In statements to perfilcom,” the publication states, “the former president of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic, Federico Sturzenegger, trivialized the Shoah by drawing a parallel between the political situation of our country and the Nazi regime”.

In this sense, the organization clarified that “Nazism meant the attempt to eliminate and exterminate a people”, and stressed that “national political discussions have nothing to do with the tragedy that cost the lives of millions of human beings”.

“It is essential that all sectors of our society stop trivializing the Shoah and commit themselves to the fight against anti-Semitism and hate speech,” ended the DAIA.

The post in question refers to “statements” by Sturzenegger in an opinion column published last Sunday in the newspaper Profile. In that text, entitled “Is it possible to close the crack?”, the PRO economist and creator of the 2001 MegaCanje stated the following:

“For others, the mere idea of ​​closing the rift would be like asking England to do the same with Nazi Germany. In other words, a useless path, because Nazi Germany never had the intention of negotiating anything (but, in any case, of buying time while bagging small victories that did not generate cost). Under this second approach, attempting to close the rift not only leads to inaction, but can also result in attacks from those you are trying to negotiate with (which Chamberlain did).”

Despite the questionable parallelism, This was not the only statement by Sturzenegger that caused a stir. It so happens that, in the same article, he revealed that during the government of Cambiemos, the expropriation of the news channel was evaluated C5Namong other measures that involved taking resources away from opponents, on the recommendation of former Menemist official Roberto Dromi, who was in charge of orchestrating the massive privatization of state companies during the 1990s.

It was the Vice President of the Nation, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, who publicly questioned him during a recent act in the Senate. “It was not something that got away,” CFK said, and in this regard he added: “In an off, barbaric things are said that are later denied, but I was impressed that it is someone who wrote it, thought about it, and then decided to publish it. Nobody moved the ammeter.”

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