Bianca Ingrosso: I was ashamed of myself

Fact: Guests in the first episode of “Bianca”

The photo model Kelly Gale, the director David F Sandberg, the actor Djimon Hounsou, Jonatan Unge, Carola and the shooting star Lucianoz.

The fall’s victory streak for “Bianca” in Kanal 5 ended with Bianca Ingrosso herself promising a continuation in the spring. Now the production has moved to a new studio and will be broadcast one day a week instead of two. But the reason is not that there have been too few viewers – or that the presenter has already tired.

— I put very high pressure on myself and really want the guests to feel welcome. It would be terrible if someone felt that I was not present. Since I take such a big social responsibility, five guests a week is more appropriate. It feels very nice, she says.

Talk about yourself

Just over half a million viewers saw the premiere of “Bianca” in mid-October and the program became the best weekend premiere in 15 years for Kanal 5. Bianca Ingrosso has pointed out that she is not a journalist and has at the same time been criticized for talking too much about herself in the interviews. But precisely that is a conscious choice.

— I try to be present and not forget to listen. I should be able to go “off script” and have a dialogue with the guest where we get to know each other, you mustn’t forget the human aspect of a talk show. That’s why I’m here and that’s why people watch the show, not for me to ask the most political questions.

On the shiny black studio stage, the roles are currently reversed. TT’s reporter is the one doing the interview and Ingrosso himself sits in the cream-white interview chair, while several of the team sit on the folding chairs usually reserved for the studio audience.

— I’m not used to someone looking at me when I’m interviewed like this. Look, I’m sitting like Pippi Longstocking, she says and points to her pointed heels that hover a couple of centimeters above the floor.

It is a confident Bianca Ingrosso who has entered 2023, with a personality she describes as “Bibz 2.0” (Bibz is her nickname). The difference to the first staggered steps on the talk show stage last fall, she can feel herself, is big.

— I felt cringe at myself because I was so stubborn, went straight out on stage and shouted “Hey!” straight into the camera. But I guess I felt I needed to make a strong impression. Now I can see that I was far too energetic and stressed at the beginning and I was also criticized for that.

TT: Did you take the criticism to heart?

— Yes, I was very ashamed. I find it quite difficult when I myself take up a lot of space, which might sound strange because my job is to take up a lot of space.

In order to slow down and become the best version of herself, Bianca Ingrosso goes to a psychologist, a masseuse and a medium. The latter two turn out to be the same person.

— Her name is Marie and she massages out my anxiety at the same time as she is my fortune teller. Don’t be prejudiced now, I’m open to things like this! It has made me feel more harmonious, she says.

No competition

“Bianca”, like Carina Bergfeldt’s talk show “Bergfeldt”, is produced by the television company Monkberry. It has led to some comparisons between the two, something that caused Carina Bergfeldt to roar in a post on Instagram. “Men are seen as individuals. Women are seen as women and thus must be pitted against each other,” she wrote, meaning that it had not happened to two male talk show hosts.

Bianca Ingrosso says that she does not experience any competition, but that the two presenters tend to bounce ideas off each other.

— We don’t know each other very well, but when they have their editorial meetings, we sit and have ours right next to them. She has asked me “What do you think of my guest, what questions should I ask?” and I ask her the same thing. But why would she want my help? She doesn’t need that, haha.

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