Although there is no confirmed date for the end of the cycle (it is speculated that it may be March 27), Big Brother is headed for the final stretch. There is very little left to know who will be the big winner of the reality show, and the lucky one who is crowned with 15 million pesos and a house.

With high expectations to find out who the first finalists will be, a new nomination gala was held. But not just any, but the last of this cycle, so it follows that those who are not left on the plate, are already fully into the final. Thus it was that in the first outing and in contact with Santiago del Moro some guidelines of what was to come were made clear.

“Tonight is the last nomination gala and when Big Brother tells me ‘yes, ok, it’s now’, I’m going to tell you the end date, which I know is what you want to know,” said the driver and the invited to lift the suitcase to calculate the weight. “About 4 kilos will it have?” He asked Nacho who, being the leader of the week, he entrusted himself with the task of lifting it. “Well, I’ll tell you what’s in there in a bit,” he promised.

The first to enter the confessional was Romina, who did not hesitate with her first vote: “I am going to give Camila two votes. I think that as soon as she arrived I talked about her energy, her ways, then there were things about her that didn’t close us off with the girls. And she had things that I let her go through, because with so many fights in here she didn’t feel like it anymore, she wanted to spend the time that I had left without discussions, but she has things that I don’t share. And there are several things.”

The former deputy continued with her arguments: “You realize when someone wants to fix things, or create a conflict and make the other person feel bad. I am 35 years old, I am big and I realize things, the energy of a person. I don’t know if it’s jealousy, competition and it’s things I don’t like. And today I ended up telling him everything to his face because I feel like he’s lying. Today I say it because I like to say things for sure, today I verified it with his attitudes, things he says and then he does what he does not say.

For her second vote, the native of Moreno had some doubts but finally made the decision. “This vote hurts me a lot to give it, Marquitos saved me last week, I know that the people love him, he is a great person and they are going to save him but it is a vote for him. I love my cousin very much, he is a great person and a great man, I cannot vote for Juli so unfortunately it is a vote for him.

Marcos was the second to define his vows. “It’s strange to be here, I feel that many things have happened and that it will be missed,” said the man from Salta as soon as he entered the red room. He also appreciated the possibility of having shared a few days with his sister, Valentina.

But you had to choose between your teammates and you did. “The first two votes are for Julieta, we are fewer and fewer and no matter how much one loves a person, they end up voting for affinity. And the other vote is for Camila, because I don’t have as much affinity with her as with Romi, who is the one left of her. Those are my votes,” she said in her last vote.

And it was Juliet’s turn. The 21-year-old nicknamed Disney had a back and forth with Big Brother before casting her vows. “I am excited and anxious. I have friends that I take with me, learning. The parties, the repechage when Dani returned, which was all happiness, a little push to get ahead, “said the actress and added:” I love the nominations, getting pretty, I love Wednesdays. “Then let’s enjoy this last nomination”, invited the voice from the other side and began with her arguments.

“My first two votes are going to be for Camila. With her I had many twists and turns, we are very similar in some things but there are others that made me doubt. I feel like it’s personally and in the game. Personally, I feel a bit selfish, I’m not saying it with what happened to me yesterday but when they brought the puppies and Nacho got sick. The same when Romi had a fight with Alpha. She throws back comments, defends indefensible people or situations; things that I told her about Alfa and she was determined to defend him, ”she expressed about her partner.

Then he wanted to argue what he doesn’t like about the blonde when it comes to playing: “If I see a reality show, I want to see how people really are. Now if I put everything in the balance, she said that she was going to play for the inside but also for the outside. So she does stuff for the cameras, she saw what it was garping, she said she wasn’t going to do some because she knew they didn’t look good. At this point, it seems unfair to me that she has information from the outside.”

“The second vote will be shorter,” he anticipated. “I am not going to nominate Romi until it is really necessary. It is the first time that I vote for the cousin, I love him a lot. If I have to say a reason, at the game level I say that I like riskier people, and he doesn’t get involved if it’s not his subject. But it’s not for fun, I know he is like that, it’s his personality, it’s how people chose him and that’s why he’s here. I have nothing more to say about Marcos, ”she said, embarrassed to vote for him.

Then it was Camila’s turn, who gave an extensive explanation. “My first two votes go to Romina. When I got home I wanted everyone to like me, that’s the truth, I wanted to feel what it was like to be a little brother in here, faster than normal because I thought I was only going to stay for 15 days. Since I arrived I was always good to everyone but from the first day Romina treated me like a liar. I wanted to pretend that wasn’t happening, I wanted to live in Heidi’s world and for everything to take care of itself. The days went by, I thought that there was the best of her with her and that we could have a relationship outside but no, ”said the piano teacher.

And he listed several examples of situations that he did not like until Big Brother had to ask him to please summarize his arguments and give way to his second chosen one. “The other vote is for Marcos, I have no reason, he is an incredible person and I vote for him because I know that he is strong and that the first time he touches a plaque he will come out. I know he will make it and I hope he makes it to the final, ”he expressed, apologizing for making his discharge so extensive.

“I’m a little calmer than the rest, but it’s still a mix of emotions,” Nacho said when he stepped into the confessional. The last one to cast his votes is also the leader of the week and therefore, he who has immunity and already has one foot in the final stretch.

The 20-year-old was blunt with his nominations: “I’m going to give Camila two votes, because I think she’s going to be the one with the most votes, so as not to distribute votes and not always vote the same or so often.”

Then, it was for his second candidate to leave the house. “A vote for Marcos, not for anything in particular but for what I said before repeating my votes and also to make a tie or look for different places,” said the young man.

Thus, the final plate was made up of Camila, Marcos, Julieta and Romina, and since there is no longer the possibility that the leader saves one of the participants, it will be the final one. On Sunday, by public vote, one of them will have to say goodbye and leave behind his dream of becoming a Big Brother.

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