This artist has shown what Bakugo might look like after the war.

An artist from the My Hero Academia manga has shown a design of what Bakugo might look like in the post-war period.

Those who follow the chronology of the history of My Hero Academia have been able to witness the remarkable development that this work has had since it was released, as well as the great war that has been brewing throughout the most recent chapters that have been released from this popular story.

Likewise, this great war has allowed them to see the fans quite significant changes in the main characters of this story, whether in terms of their personalities, their powers and abilities, or some other aspect.

One of the most notable characters in the story who has also undergone major changes is Katsuki Bakugo, who has gone from being quite arrogant and intolerant to showing concern for other people. Apparently, Bakugo could also have certain changes in his appearance in the postwar period, as an artist from My Hero Academia has anticipated the design that Bakugo will have after the war.

Bakugo’s post-war design has been previewed by one of My Hero Academia’s artists

An artist from the My Hero Academia manga has shown a design of what Bakugo might look like after the war.

An artist from the My Hero Academia manga has shown a design of what Bakugo might look like after the war.

As a result of the war that has been taking place in My Hero Academia for some time, various pretty amazing revelationsand one of those many revelations is that there is a character that could take down All For One, which gives the heroes a glimmer of hope in the great chaos that they find themselves living.

This gives us the illusion that the end of the war could be closer than it seems. By virtue of this, it would be logical to think that many of the main characters will undergo great changes, not only emotional but also physical, once this great confrontation comes to an end.

As several characters have changed during the war, such as Deku, who now has a dark version that is different in the anime than in the manga, we could say that there will be changes in the most prominent characters of this story when the great war finally ends.

Recently, a My Hero Academia manga artist has shown something that could prove the hypothesis that some characters could change significantly.

On the Twitter account @nstime23from the user Shotaro Noguchi, who is one of the assistant artists working on the My Hero Academia manga, has shown a design of what would bakugo look like once the war is over.

This illustration shows Bakugo, who has healed from his confrontation with Shigaraki, with the big difference that he is now using what appears to be a high-tech prosthetic.

Although the drawing is in black and white and is a kind of sketch of what Bakugo could look like, it can be seen that said prosthetic arm has apparently been adapted to his quirk, since as can be seen it has a kind of cannons on the forearm.

This design lets us see the possible appearance that Bakugo could have once the war is over, in case he really survives the strong confrontation he recently had against Shigaraki and can heal from the wounds that the villain has left him.

Shigaraki strongly holding Bakugo's arm during their confrontation

Shigaraki strongly holding Bakugo’s arm during their confrontation

Also, it is necessary to emphasize that this drawing is simply an illustration, and the artist You have not mentioned that it is or will be part of the canon from history, so we are not sure that Bakugo will look like this after the war.

Likewise, taking into account the seriousness of the injuries that this well-known hero of UA Class 1-A has after facing Shigaraki, we cannot say with certainty that this hero will survivebut in the same way it is a nice gesture that one of the manga artists wants to show you a design that Bakugo could have if he does live.

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