Women's Day: 5 films that talk about female strength

Gender equality and women’s resilience are represented through high-impact films

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“International Women’s Day” represents women’s historic struggle for equal rights. Every year, the 8th of March brings the debate on gender equality even more to the fore. The date, recognized by the United Nations (UN) World Organization in 1977, was first referenced in 1911, after workers claimed labor rights due to the conditions in which they were subjected in a New York factory (USA). The landmark gained more strength in 1917, with the Bread and Peace march, organized by women in Russia.

To learn more about the history of the date and find out about representations of revolutionary women, it is ideal to consume different contents, including movies. So, check out 5 fact-based productions to get closer to the meaning behind the date!

1. The Suffragettes

Women fought to win votes around the world (Image: Digital Reproduction | IMDb)

Bringing together big names in cinema, such as Meryl Streep, the actress with the most Oscars, the drama-biographical genre film tells the story of the suffragist struggle. In other words, the right to vote and be voted for. In the film, the British women’s movement is mainly highlighted. The protagonist, played by Carey Mulligan, was inspired by the life of activist Hannah Mitchell, a socialist who fought for the right of women to vote peacefully.

Where to watch: Prime Video.

2. Woman King

The strength of women exists inside and outside the context of war (Image: Digital Reproduction | Sony Pictures)

Starring Viola Davis, who plays the brave general Nanisca, the film portrays the story of an African army composed exclusively of women, the Agojie, in 1800. In order to protect the kingdom in which they lived, they strengthen themselves to fight their enemies. and find strength among themselves to go on. The film is still able to show the intersected struggle between gender and race.

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3. Persepolis

The animation highlights the unequal rights of European and Iranian women (Image: Digital Reproduction | HQ Universe)

Based on a French animation, the film is an introduction to the struggle of Iranian women, which persists until the current days. The story follows the life of author Marjane Satrapi, born in Iran, who experienced the decline of women’s rights in the country. In Austria, she describes the contrast in lifestyle and gender achievements in Europe and her homeland.

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4. Nise: The Heart of Madness

Film tells the psychiatric revolution of a Brazilian doctor (Image: Digital Reproduction | Netflix)

The national feature film stars Glória Pires and tells the revolutionary story of a psychiatrist who treated patients through art in the 20th century, opposing all violent methods, such as electroshock. Nise, born in Alagoas, is internationally recognized for her humanized contributions within medicine.

Where to watch: Netflix.

5. Eternally Paid

Film portrays the importance of the revolutionary writer (Image: Digital Reproduction | Warner Bros. Pictures)

One of the great women of the Brazilian modernist movement, Patrícia Rehder Galvão, known as Pagu, was a writer, journalist, designer, poet and, among many other attributes, was the face of a fight against the conservative system of the 20th century in Brazil. Arrested more than twenty times for the activity she carried out at the time, contrary to the expected behavior of women in Brazilian society, Pagu is a symbol of female resistance.

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