Woman killed: three men suspected

There are now three suspects in a previously unsolved Carinthian homicide. A 62-year-old woman was knocked down on her way home at night in early February in a small town in the municipality of Eberndorf (Völkermarkt district). Unconscious or at least unable to move, she froze to death. Indications have now shown that three men are possible suspects, the public prosecutor’s office in Klagenfurt confirmed on Wednesday according to media reports.

“There are suspects, but it’s all still vague,” said authority spokeswoman Tina Frimmel-Hesse to APA. The preliminary investigation is no longer conducted against unknown persons, but against the three men. Some of them are relatives of the victim. “But they are not in custody yet because there is no urgent suspicion,” said Frimmel-Hesse. One must first await further evidence. A written autopsy result is not yet available, and many DNA evaluations are still pending.

On February 8, a girl found the dead woman on her way to school. She had spent the night before with neighbors. On the way home that night, she was struck down with a blunt object, which could have been fists. When it was clearly below zero, she froze to death not far from her house.

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Dejected and frozen to death: “In the summer she would probably have survived”

FOLK MARKET. A 62-year-old woman from Carinthia was knocked down on her way home. She couldn’t go any further and froze to death.

Dejected and frozen to death: “In the summer she would probably have survived”


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