Who knows you?  The mayors' dilemma "interim" in the suburbs

It is not necessarily bad news for the owners of the chair, since the vast majority will put on the candidate suit again this year, with the premise of supporting the districts and adding votes for their national and provincial candidates based on their work in the territory.

It can even be said that in several cases it is an intended effect. Some of the interim have practically intervened in the management and there is no act in which they do not have the jealous company of their political boss.

Among the best installed are Karina Menéndez, from Merlo, known by 8 out of 10 neighbors; Noelia Correa, from Malvinas Argentinas, known by 7 out of 10 respondents in the district, and Soledad Martínez, from Vicente López, just below.

It must be said that Martínez, who replaces Jorge Macri, will most likely be a candidate this year and that Menéndez compensates for his good installation with a highly negative image.


Karina Menéndez, interim mayor of Merlo and sister of Gustavo, the “owner”

This is the ranking of “ignorance” of the interim mayors in the Conurbano

  • Karina Menendez, Merlo, 23.7 percent
  • Noelia Correa, Malvinas Argentinas, 28.2 percent
  • Soledad Martínez, Vicente López, 34.7 percent
  • Fernando Moreira, General San Martin, 39.6 percent
  • Juan Fabiani, Admiral Brown, 41.2 percent
  • Carlos Ramil, Escobar, 43.1 percent
  • Marina Lesci, Lomas de Zamora, 43.9 percent

The ranking of the most valued

The CB Consultora study investigates the most valued efforts of the Conubano and reveals a key fact for the election year: 18 of the 24 mayors show more thumbs up than thumbs down.


Fernando Gray, from Esteban Echeverría, one of the most valued mayors of the Conurbano

Fernando Gray, from ESteban Echeverría, one of the best valued mayors of the Conurbano

The 5 most valued, always according to the study, are:

  1. Jaime Mendez (San Miguel)
  2. Diego Valenzuela (Third of February)
  3. Fernando Gray (Esteban Echeverria)
  4. Noelia Correa (Malvinas Arg.)
  5. Juan Zabaleta (Hurlingham)

The 5 least valued, meanwhile, are:

  1. Mario Ishii (Jose C. Paz)
  2. Fernando Moreira (San Martin)
  3. Carlos Ramil (Escobar)
  4. Karina Menendez (Merlo)
  5. Fernando Espinoza (The Massacre)

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