TV column “The Perfect Dinner”: Candidate Amber conjures up “Fakesgiving” menu with turkey and pumpkin pie

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“The Perfect Dinner” contestant Amber is in a celebratory mood on International Women’s Day. She has come up with a special motto for the feast: “Fakesgiving” – Thanksgiving, just not on the right date. The food is not good for everyone.

“We’re partying all day,” Amber whirls through the kitchen in a highly motivated manner. Her message to all women: “Do what you want! If you have a dream, do it!” The dancer and ballet mistress is actually from Chicago and shares an artist apartment in Hagen with her boyfriend and a friend: “My partner is a conductor and our roommate is an opera singer.” Entertainment provided in the evening – but that will be a surprise. Amber’s motto for The Perfect Dinner is Fakesgiving. “It’s Thanksgiving on the wrong day,” she explains. Traditional dishes are served:

“The perfect dinner”: American menu for International Women’s Day

“Please something American,” Katja (35) looks forward to the unveiling of the menu. Then the joy: “Yes! Turkey! Fakesgiving!” Pia (30) is already full while reading: “Who should eat all that?” Sabine (58) sees the effort behind it: “The right thing to do and prepare.”

Amber proud: “Here is the last turkey in Hagen”

Dates wrapped in bacon, mushrooms stuffed with goat’s cheese and creamy pumpkin soup with homemade croutons find their way to the guests’ tables. “Unfortunately, unfortunately, unfortunately, it wasn’t warm enough and a little too thick,” complains Candice (35). temperature and consistency of the soup. “The starter was basically delicious,” says Sabine. But: “The soup was a little too firm for me.”

Finding a turkey in Germany outside of Christmas was not that easy: “Here is the last turkey in Hagen.” When Amber serves the plates with the many components, Candice and Sabine realize: “I had not imagined that. But the first bite of the corn casserole convinces Candice: “Mmm, that’s good.” Sabine praises the seasoning: “I thought that was very tasty.” Katja enjoys her first Thanksgiving turkey: “I thought the main course was great.”

Candidate Pia on pumpkin pie dessert: “Not my taste”

Pumpkin and pecan pie with pumpkin mousse top off the feast. “I imagined it differently,” Candice looks at the two pieces of cake in surprise again, because she was expecting a cake. Pia is not a fan of pumpkin pie: “I just didn’t like the spices.” Katja struggles more with the crowd: “I found the dessert very powerful.”

At the end, Candice sums up: “I’m grateful that I was able to immerse myself in their culture a bit.” 33 points are enough for Amber to take second place for the time being. At the end, the guests get an aria from Amber’s roommate Betsy. “I had goosebumps several times,” Candice goes home with a good feeling. Pia is very impressed by the singing: “It was a blatant number.”

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