TV column “Die Wollnys”: “You pregnant donkey!” – Silvia Wollny attacks pregnant daughter Loredana

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The house blessing is crooked in the Wollny family. Silvia feels set back by the pregnant nestling Loredana and her sister Estefania also complains verbosely.

A long-distance relationship poses many challenges, and not just for the little ones who are 20 weeks pregnant. In the case of Loredana Wollny (18), however, many factors come together: her training as a medical-technical assistant should have started very soon – with the family gynecologist Dr. Andresen. She will now take care of Loredana’s baby, but with the advice: “And then please use proper contraception.”

It remains to be seen whether this suggestion will reach the father-to-be: “Lore’s” friend Servet lives in Turkey. A “Willi” who “pollinated the bee Maya”: That’s how multiple grandmother Silvia sums it up. Similar to her other daughters, she wants to star with the grandchild and his mother from day 1.

Silvia Wollny feels set back by daughter Loredana

But what is a matter of course for the families of Sarafina (28), Sylvana (31) and Lavinia (23), Loredana does not take for granted. So she dares, after the preventive appointment with Dr. Andresen to call the “child’s father” first – and not to provide her mother with all the details. “I feel like a beggar by the wayside,” the omnipresent Silvias expresses her disappointment in the current episode “Die Wollnys” (Wednesday, 8:15 p.m., RTLZWEI) and regrets the actual healthy path of a new family: “Great, now I’m coming probably second.”

And because letting go is by no means one of Silvia’s strengths, she goes one better. At Loredana’s good-night greeting after a botched outdoor pool trip with the whole clan – the 18-year-old dared to just cut off together with her sister Estefania (20), who was also rebellious – she became wild as hell. Lore’s “Call me if something happens,” she replies: “I’ll call pastoral care for you right away, you pregnant donkey!”

Estefania Wollny attacks her siblings: “You are cocky!”

Silvia gets support from Sarafina in particular. She owes her mother a lot for her support – after all, her one-year-old twins Casey and Emory did not have an easy start in life when they were premature. So Sarafina’s position is clear: “You’re cocky!” She comments on Loredana’s and Estefania’s solo efforts: “You’re to blame if family ties crumble.”

And it’s sacred to the Wollnys. Already individual breakfasts of renegade family members almost cause panic among others: “We are becoming more and more, but less and less at the table,” regrets Sarafina. Only one thing helps: set the table, call a barbecue party for everyone and feel again how many people surround you.

That’s exactly Loredana’s apology strategy for the offended (“You disappointed me so much”) grandma. After all, who needs freedom of choice when grilled steaks are sizzling in the front yard with your huge household? Or as Silvia finally says with satisfaction: “We simply live together.”

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