TV column “Bares for Rares”: “War goosebumps”: Piece of jewelry achieves dream sum

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“Bares for Rares” jewelry expert Wendela Horz is absolutely delighted with a piece of jewelry that had to lie dormant in a drawer for a long time. The inherited ring with real sapphire is worth several thousand euros.

This little treasure slumbered in the saleswoman’s drawer for far too long: First the “Bares for Rares” expert Wendela Horz surprised the lady with the expertise, then unexpectedly high bids followed in the dealer room.

“Whoa! Jessas, Maria and Josef!” moderator Horst Lichter first had to put his glasses back in view of the sparkling stones. “I’m blown away again!”

Horst Lichter on “Bares for Rares”: “Where did you get this monster ring from?”

“Where did you get this monster ring from?” asked the moderator Sabina from Berlin. She replied: “From my mother. I inherited that. Unfortunately, she died 16 or 17 years ago.” The ring has been in a drawer ever since.

Wendela Horz dated the piece of jewelry to the 1970s: “The ring you brought is made of 750 gold.” It was set with diamonds and brilliants of 2 carats and a sapphire of 5.5 carats: “That’s big .”

Jewelry expert Wendela Horz is thrilled.

“The sapphire in your ring is definitely natural. Unfortunately, without a microscopic examination, it is not possible to determine whether it is untreated.” However, Wendela Horz suspected that the stone was reused from an older piece of jewellery.

“A very well-known ringhead. Actually known today from Lady Di’s famous engagement ring,” the jewelry expert pointed out to the flower-shaped arrangement. She rated the workmanship as “very high quality”.

“I get goosebumps!”

“I thought at least 1800 euros,” Sabina revealed her desired price. Wendela Horz even estimated the value at 4000 euros. “I get goosebumps!” Sabina was flattened. “I didn’t expect that after all!”

Piece of jewelry achieves dream sum

An enthusiastic “Ui! Wow!“. Friedrich Häusser took a closer look at the ring: “You really have to see it up close. Craziness! Very nice!”

“You bring a dream jewel”, Susanne Steiger greeted the saleswoman. “It’s beautiful!” Walter Lehnertz opened the negotiation with 1080 euros. Susanne Steiger didn’t hesitate: “I’ll continue with 5000 euros.”

“A nice jump,” the colleagues quickly got out. Only David Suppes dared to try again with 5500 euros, which Susanne Steiger immediately countered with 6000 euros. Sabina gladly accepted the bid: “I’m totally happy!” “That’s just incredible!” Sabina stared at the bundle of bills in bewilderment. “I’ve never had so much money in my hands!”

More Cash for Rares items on Monday

The other “Bares for Rares” objects in the Monday issue: The handmade silver tray from 1784 was valued at 280 to 350 euros. There was great interest in buying it, which is why Jan Cizek paid 450 euros for the antique piece.

The two-part, limited-edition, porcelain Hundertwasser house from 1991 was worth 350 to 450 euros. Friedrich Häusser agreed with the seller at 280 euros.

The pearl, jade and aventurine brooch from the 1950s was estimated at 600 euros. The seller even got 700 euros from Susanne Steiger.

The limited Art Deco vase by Fernand Guéry-Colas from the second half of the 1920s had a value of 800 to 1000 euros. “It’s not an easy product”, but David Suppes still spent 650 euros.

The expert set an estimate of 300 euros for the two theater spotlights from the 1950s. “They are really beautiful and old,” a buyer was quickly found in Jan Cizek, who even paid the exact estimate of 300 euros.

This article was written by Bettina Friemel

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