They seek to bring the Constitution '3 of 3' against gender violence

Mexico City.- Deputies from various parties agreed to present a proposal for constitutional reform to prevent public servants and candidates with a history of violence against women.

Without consensus agenda to present important reforms to commemorate the International Women’s Daya group of deputies met last night to try to move forward with a proposal and present it in the session this Wednesday.

At dawn they agreed on the initiative to raise the Constitution, the 3 of 3 call against violence, a format that was signed by candidates during the 2021 elections.

In article 38 of the Constitution, it is proposed to expand the grounds for the suspension of rights or prerogatives of citizens in the case of the registration of candidacies or appointments or commissions in the public service.

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“To be registered as a candidate for any popularly elected office, to be voted for all popularly elected offices, or to be appointed to any job, position or commission in the public service, in the following cases:

“A) For having a final sentence in any of its criminal types or assumptions, for crimes against life, bodily integrity, freedom and normal psychosexual development; b) For having a final sentence in any of its criminal types or assumptions, for family violence, equal or domestic family violence, violation of sexual privacy, or political violence against women based on gender; and C) For having a final judgment as a delinquent food debtor”points out the proposal signed by deputies from Morena, PRI, PT, PRD and MC.

With this, the INE format would no longer be necessary, where applicants for a candidacy signed in good faith and under protest to tell the truth that they had not been convicted, or sanctioned by firm resolution for the following conducts: family and/or domestic violence , or any gender aggression in the private or public sphere; for sexual crimes, against sexual freedom or bodily intimacy; or as a delinquent food debtor.

This mechanism was the result of a petition signed by federal and local legislators, feminist organizations, human rights activists, and citizens, with the purpose of granting greater guarantees to eradicate any type and modality of gender-based violence against women.

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However, measure 3 of 3 against violence presented problems in its implementation, since it is designed to be considered fulfilled, only through its presentation and the signature of the candidate, the initiative refers to.

“Which means that measure 3 of 3 against violence does not generate any legal effect, nor does it generate any obligation on the part of those who aspire to be a candidate, to show evidence of not being in breach of any of the aforementioned assumptions”is mentioned in the proposal.

It adds that, therefore, to elevate the “3 of 3 against violence” measure to constitutional rank and establish it as a requirement to be registered as a candidate or candidate for popular election, or to be appointed to any job or commission in the public service, it would provide certainty to victims of gender violence about the ineligibility of their aggressors.

“It would represent significant progress in the fight to eradicate violence against women,” cites the proposal promoted by the deputies Aleida Alavez Ruiz, Karla Yuiritzi Almazán Burgos, Erika Vanessa Del Castillo Ibarra, Maria Clemente Garcia, Salma Luevano and Moon Juliet Vencesfrom Morena.

It is also signed by Blanca Maria Del Socorro Alcala Ruiz and Mariana Erandi Nassar PiñeyroPRI; Lilia Aguilar Gil, Karina Red Pepper and Maria Rosete Sanchezof the PT; amalia garcia, Citizen movement; and Elizabeth Perez Valdez and Gabriela Sodiof the PRD.

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