The Red Cross in crisis

MORE THAN 20 years ago, one of the first actions of Olegario Vázquez Raña as president of the Mexican Red Cross (CRM) was for the Central Hospital of Polanco to have the same quality as an Angeles Hospital. But little or nothing remains of that aspiration for the meritorious institution. Don Olegario was succeeded in the presidency by Daniel Goñi in 2006, and since 2012 by Fernando Suinaga, who has been re-elected for three more terms since 2015, being the next replacement in 2024.

The donation It is the mechanism through which the company is traditionally funded. Red Cross, as it is a non-governmental and impartial private assistance institution.
However, it has had various support from the PAN and PRI governments in turn, but not from the current administration, the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which has chosen to withdraw aid.

It has also lost support among businessmen, as those who contribute are increasingly fewer, or those who reduce the amounts of donations that they used to allocate to the Red Cross.

Currently the situation that the CRM it is pressing. The amount collected in the annual collections has fallen considerably, there is talk of up to 70%, paradoxically partly due to the covid-19 pandemic and just when it was most needed, but also for other reasons.

The Red Cross survives with support from its main donors, such as Bimbo by Daniel Servitje, Fundación Azteca by Ricardo Salinas, Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte chaired by Jesús Reyes Heroles GG and Monte de Piedad, headed by José Antonio Palacios, although the latter is also in crisis and with problems with its union.

Volunteering has also been reduced: currently there are fewer staff under contract and nothing is done to retain volunteers, a fundamental part of the institution’s work.
As if that were not enough, the CRM faces a credibility crisis, such as when it emerged that its ambulances in the CdMx were refueled at a gas station owned by Suinaga and his brother Pablo José Miguel.

The operation is huge and so are the expenses. It is estimated that per year, the CRM offers more than four million medical attentions and more than one million 98 thousand totally free ambulance services.

It is estimated that for two years, the operation cost 18 million per state per year. On the other hand, there is no clarity regarding the situation in which some 2,500 Mexican Red Cross ambulances are in throughout the country.

A disturbing fact is that of the current fleet of 52 ambulances based on the CdMx, only five work per shift, since there is not enough budget to pay the operators.

As a result, since November 2022, the CRM stopped providing pre-hospital medical care, falling to the units of the Rescue and Emergency Medical Squad (ERUM) and the Regulatory Center for Medical Emergencies (CRUM), both in charge of the capital government. .

Some delegations in various cities have suspended the night service or have closed down flat, not having the resources to pay for personnel, equipment and ambulances, leaving them in total abandonment.

The Red Cross, in short, is experiencing an acute crisis.

THE MEETING in which they discussed the construction of a hotel in the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, in Campeche, took place on Thursday of last week between officials of the Mayan Train and researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH). The meeting took place in a cave in the archaeological zone of Calakmul, with a view of pre-Hispanic paintings. There were representatives of Fonatur, directed by Javier May, and of the INAH, directed by Diego Prieto. It was stated that the Secretary of National Defense, headed by Luis Cresencio Sandoval, would be in charge of building the property and that Grupo Vidanta, led by Daniel Chávez, would have it in operation and administration.

AT LEAST Banorte, the institution headed by Carlos Hank González, is opposed to giving Cartograf stand-still to move forward with its financial restructuring. I have been telling you that the founder of that, one of the main cardboard manufacturers in the country, Juan José Páramo Riestra, fled the country to take refuge. The businessman from Aguascalientes faces a complaint for fraud. Cartograf owes close to 3 thousand 600 million pesos. Scotiabank, led by Adrián Otero, drags 1.623 million, followed by Banorte led by Marcos Ramírez with 816 million. Santander, directed by Felipe García Asencio, brings another 544 million and Jorge Arce’s HSBC 182 million more.

THE DIRECTOR OF Grupo Desarrollador IGS, Bárbara Ochoa Woodworth, sent a clarifying letter regarding the bankruptcy process in which the company is, the demand for payment of some 126 million pesos from some creditors and the risk for the holders of the Stock Certificates identified with the numbers 303828 , 304441 and 2178. “In this regard, I would like to clarify that the companies referred to in them do not have any interference or participation with the irrevocable issuance trusts, as well as their investment vehicles and/or their assets.” She told him that the Federal Institute of Commercial Insolvency Specialists appointed Humberto Bravo liquidator.

AMONG THE DEPUTIES that make up the Surveillance Commission of the Superior Audit of the Federation, there is one that incurs conflicts of interest by not having paid public accounts in previous assignments. This is the PAN deputy Sonia Murillo Manríquez, who left 729 million pesos pending “recover or clarify” when she served as General Comptroller of Baja California Sur. To date, her resources have not been compensated, as can be seen in the observations issued by the agency in charge of David Colmenares. But yes: several missing legislators demand results from the auditors, as happened in the last meeting to analyze the 2021 Public Account.

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