The judge concludes that Villarejo did not spy on Mutua and closes the case at the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor

the judge of Villarejo caseManuel Garcia-Castellon, has archived piece 15 of this macrocausethe one destined to investigate whether the retired ex-commissioner José Manuel Villarejo carried out espionage work for Mutua Madrileña.

AND, in tune with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, the magistrate concludes that this is not the case, for which reason this piece has been archived. This is stated in a car, dated March 6. García-Castellón recalls that the report prepared by Villarejo on the Mutua -called Project Lump “it presents a preliminary character” and this is underlined by the very title of the document.

In addition, its content “comes from open sources.” For this reason, there are no indications of espionage or “inconsensual and improper access to restricted databases.”

And, although the project had a budget of several thousand euros —three payments; the first, of 375,000 euros; a second, of 130,000 and another, to be determined— there is no record that Mutua Madrileña gave any money to the ex-commissioner.

“In this sense, from what has been done so far, neither the acceptance of the project nor any payment by Mutua Madrileña or its directors can be inferred. In addition, it has not been revealed that the crime of discovery or disclosure of secret, given that the information contained in the preliminary report comes from open sources”, sums up the judge in his order, advanced by abc and to which EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia has had access.

In addition, as the magistrate recalls, a hypothetical crime of bribery would be clearly prescribed. He Project Lump would have been drawn up in 2009when the commissioner was still active in the National Police Force, and this room, number 15, was not opened until 2019, ten years later.

There is also no record that Benjamín García, who was director of Security at Mutua Madrileña, would have accepted any proposal suggested by Villarejo. “As can be seen, we start from the fact that the order was not executed,” underlines García-Castellón.

The magistrate does review “other commercial relations” between Mutua and the Cenyt Group, owned by the former police commissioner. Specifically, a promotional content retransmission service through giant screens and the preparation of a patrimonial report on José María Ramírez Pomatta, former president of the insurer to whom the company was sentenced to pay 14 million euros in 2012.

But García-Castellón concludes that “there are no indications of criminal commission in such services.” For the report on Pomatta, prepared based on data from the Land Registry and other sources of public access, Cenyt charged 18,000 euros.

“From all of the foregoing, it can be deduced that the possible crime of bribery would be prescribed, since the order had not been executed, and since there is no evidence, at this procedural stage, that other measures limiting the rights or violating the privacy of those affected”, concludes the judge.

For this reason, García-Castellón chooses to archive the case, as requested in a report, dated last February and consulted by EL ESPAÑOL, the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office. However, before this request from the Public Ministry, the magistrate had already suggested sending Villarejo and the former head of Mutua Security to trial.

On the other hand, the judge points out in his order that, when investigating this piece, another project was discovered, called frog, “of which there would be no data related to the order, payment or derived reports”. Given that it includes reserved data, which is not freely accessible, “the presence of said personal data reveals that, indirectly, a crime of discovery and disclosure of secrets could have been committed.” For this reason, García-Castellón chooses to deduce testimony and that this matter be investigated within the framework of another of the pieces of the macro-cause.

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