The bachelor is suspicious!  Is candidate Colleen only in for reach?

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David Jackson frowns…

honest intentions? The Bachelor probes Colleen

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Bachelor candidate Colleen is a psychologist, influencer and not the first time she has appeared on a TV show. This mixture makes David Jackson sit up and take notice. When it comes to social media, the alarm bells go off right away – and he doesn’t hide that at all. He uses the group date in episode two (see here on RTL+)to follow up directly. What are Colleen’s intentions? Does she want to find true love or expand her reach? We show your answer in the video above!

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David Jackson: “Not here if I’m the Bachelor”

In 2020, Colleen appeared in the reality game show “The Mole – Who can you trust?” on Sat.1. She was also in the dome show “My Date, My Best Friend & I”. “And that’s what happened with Instagram,” the 27-year-old explains to the bachelor. Actually, the two have a lot in common, because David Jackson also works as a content creator.

But he sees things a little differently: “Everyone can decide for themselves whether they say they want to take part in a TV format in order to build on social media reach. But not here when I’m a bachelor. When I’m looking for someone by my side.” The 32-year-old wants to prevent anyone from trying to generate reach at the expense of their feelings.

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