"Storm on the Capitol" or peaceful mass viewing?

8 mar 2023 6:45 p.m

Two years after the alleged “storming of the Capitol,” videos from surveillance cameras have now been released that show very different images. If this version is correct, it would be the next major political scandal in the United States.

The United States may be facing the next major political scandal. It’s about the supposed “storming of the Capitol” on January 6, 2021. Tucker Carlson has been open for the past few days FoxNews Excerpts from the video recordings of the many surveillance cameras deployed in the US Capitol have been released and they clearly contradict the official narrative.

Allegedly, according to the version adopted by the German media, on January 6, 2021, participants in a Trump rally violently entered the US Parliament building and tried to occupy it. A demonstrator and a police officer from the station were killed; The latter died from a blow to the head with a fire extinguisher. Pictures of the “storm” went around the world at the time. A particularly conspicuous figure was the so-called “QAnon Shaman”, a man with a cap with buffalo horns, real name Jacob Chansley.

The Democratic majority even conducted a parliamentary inquiry into the incident that corroborated the narrative, and the Biden administration used a public display of the deceased police officer to underscore the danger posed by violent Donald Trump supporters. Jacob Chansley was sentenced to 41 months in prison by a US court.

There were some doubts about this version from the start. Footage of Capitol guards opening the door to protesters was already known and reported; In addition, many asked themselves how it was possible that one of the best-guarded buildings in the world could simply be “stormed”.

Capitol storming participant seeks political asylum in Belarus

But the video recordings that Tucker Carlson showed, clearly show how manipulated the common version is. According to Carlson, they viewed 40,000 hours of video recordings and did not see a “storm” on them. On the contrary. Even Chansley is always accompanied on his way through the Capitol by at least two security guards, who even open doors for him and whom he thanks for their hospitality in the US Senate session room.

Hundreds of people streamed through the Capitol within two hours, but mostly behaved like they were on an inspection instead of a violent seizure. Weapons had never been found on them anyway; the weapons of the “armed insurrection” consisted simply of the flagpoles of the US flags that they carried with them.

Even more – the security guard Brian Sicknick, the alleged fatality of the “storm”, can be seen on the videos, unharmed and even equipped with a helmet.

“The surveillance videos of the January 6 protests that Tucker Carlson Tonight has started to release show that most of the protesters were very peaceful and the police even assisted them. Here is the lie about the death of security guard Brian Sicknick. Look it on you.”

Carlson received the surveillance camera footage from House Republican Chairman Kevin McCarthy. If the assessment of the recordings made by Carlson is correct, this would be the second major political campaign by the US Democrats based on lies and manipulation, after Russiagate, the alleged Russian influence on the US election in 2016, which ultimately turned out to be an elaboration around the British secret service MI6.

Video Evidence: The "QAnon Shaman" in the January 2021 riots was a curated guest at the Capitol

However, as developments following the disclosure of Russiagate’s origins proved, it is unlikely that supporters of the Democrats or the larger mainstream US media will take notice.

The German media are already making it clear that they want to stick to the story of the “Storming of the Capitol”. The Mirror justified with the fact that “doubts about the credibility of the broadcaster FoxNewswho has long been loyal to ex-President Trump”, urged, and the Time grabs back to personal attacks: “The moderator is known for spreading conspiracy theories and obviously false reports and for inciting against minorities.” The Frankfurter Rundschau throws Carlson that he misleadingly edited the video footage.

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