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Coveted by PT members, the Chamber’s Inspection and Control Commission will have the PL of Jair Bolsonaro. The President of the House, Arthur Lira (PP), confirmed the agreement for the collegiate to stay with the party in return for the choice of PT for controlling the Justice Commission Commission (CCJ) in the first year of government.

The expectation is that deputy Bia Kicis (DF), who is a first-time Bolsonarist, will occupy the presidency of the Oversight Committee. As a result, two of the main remaining disputes in the 30 thematic commissions of the Chamber involve precisely the PP of Lira: the Health Commission (coveted by the PL) and Transport (claimed by the PSD).

Last night, Lira met with leaders of several parties in another round of negotiations to establish the distribution of commissions. As his party is only entitled to two requests, the acronym insists on controlling Health and Transport, considered strategic posts. A deal, however, has yet to be sealed. So that the PP does not have problems in controlling Health, the expectation is that the Finance and Taxation Commission will be offered to the PL.

The Bolsonaristas party, incidentally, should lose space and be entitled to five commissions, and not six, as was initially planned. Owner of the largest bench in the House, with 99 parliamentarians, the party had six collegiate bodies, in accordance with the rule of proportionality adopted since the number jumped from 25 to 30 commissions. Lira, however, argues that the five new commissions created are intended to allocate smaller parties and, for this reason, cannot be left with the PL.

Confirmation that the Inspection and Control Commission will remain with Bolsonaristas represents a defeat for PT members: last week, in light of the news that the head of intelligence at the Federal Revenue Service under Jair Bolsonaro, Ricardo Pereira Feitosa, accessed and copied confidential tax data from opponents of the former president, the Commission became a priority for PT members. It is through it, for example, that the Chamber could make requests for information or summon names linked to investigations to testify. In practice, the PT loses part of the power to investigate the Bolsonaro government.

Dispute in the Senate

In the Senate, there is a forecast for the commissions to be installed today, with the election of president and deputy of the collegiate. Until late last night, however, parliamentarians were still negotiating whether the opposition would have the right to command at least one of the 14 groups. The leader of the government in the House, Jaques Wagner (BA), as well as other PT parliamentarians, started to defend the concession of a collegiate body to the opponents. Even PT leaders, however, assess that the chance of this happening is remote. The intention, when waving, is to avoid the “radicalization” of the opponents, who will be led by PP, PL, Republicans and Novo.

Last week, in a meeting of leaders, the senators who supported the re-election of Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG) hit the hammer that they would not give in to which PP, PL or Republicans. The three parties supported the election of Rogério Marinho (PL-RN) for the presidency of the House. The subject is still the focus of disagreement

— We decided at the last meeting that we are going to occupy the 14 seats, and I find it very difficult for that to change. And I advocate that it does not change. But the negotiations are still going on. Until the last day, anything is possible – says PSD leader Otto Alencar (BA).

In opposition, senators are still waiting for a sign of goodwill. One of the hypotheses to favor the opponents would be to accept the nomination of Eduardo Gomes (PL-PI) for the command of the Commission of Science and Technology.

— I hope that President Rodrigo Pacheco is aware that excluding the opposition can trigger a process of radicalization, which may not be good for the Senate — says Senator Esperidião Amin (PP-SC).

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