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LOOK: Attack on Tarata street: subordinate terrorist of leader Martha Huatay with no known whereabouts

Castillo is being investigated for alleged crimes against public administration and public peace, in the modalities of simple collusion (primary accomplice), aggravated influence peddling (perpetrator) and criminal organization (perpetrator). Therefore, according to the prosecutor, -under a real contest of crimes- he would expect a possible sentence of 32 years in prison.

“Preventive detention is suitable as a measure requested to ensure the presence of both Castillo Terrones, Silva Villegas and Alvarado López, who exercised public functions and enjoyed prerogatives due to their positions. In this case, it is supported by the characteristics that require surreptitious agreements and having prior contacts with high-level officials could evade investigations and obstruct evidentiary activity (…) Regarding the above, there are sufficient elements of conviction that allow us to maintain that the alleged criminal organization and its effects are still in progress. validity”

Deputy Supreme Prosecutor Galinka Meza, before Supreme Judge Juan Carlos Checkley.

“The political bureau mentioned was made up of Abel Cabrera Fernández, Alejandro Sánchez Sánchez, José Nenil Medina (…) who were planning to take over the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation in order to manage public works… through Geiner Alvarado López. This Political Bureau was going to propose the designation of officials at various levels through them.”

Effective Collaborator No. CE-02-5D- 2FPEDCF-2022, statement dated August 24, 2022.

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About the case of MTC-Provías Decentralizedthe prosecution has indicated that the alleged criminal organization “would have agreed as an economic benefit 0.5% of the total cost of the work “Construction of the Tarata Vehicular Bridge over the Huallaga River – Mariscal Cáceres Province – San Martín Region”, whose amount of bidding was S/304’947.418.74.

In this regard, prosecutor Meza explained, at the hearing, that, according to what was declared by the aspiring effective collaborator Zamir Villaverde, he would have told former minister Juan Silva that the division of said payment would be: S/100 thousand for him (Villaverde), S/100 thousand for Fray Vásquez – Pedro Castillo’s fugitive nephew – and the difference would be divided between Silva and Castillo Terrones.

However, after revealing the alleged irregularities that had arisen in the aforementioned contracting procedure, the ex officio contract was declared null and void.

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According to the prosecution, regarding the events perpetrated in Petro-Peruthe alleged criminal network would have managed to capture the main positions within the company, in order to control and direct the acquisition process by process 012-2021-GDCH / PETROPERU, whose purpose was the acquisition of Biodiesel in favor of the company Heaven Petroleum Operatos SA, for $84 million.

In a hearing, the prosecutor stated that the former presidential secretary Bruno Pacheco -using an effective collaboration process- has declared that Juan Silva paid S/30,000 to Castillo to appoint Hugo Chávez as general manager of Petro-Peru. This, to later benefit Samir Abudayeh, owner of Heaven Petroleum.

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Finally, regarding the facts of the Ministry of Housing The prosecution postulates that the criminal organization would have controlled and directed the urban and rural sanitation projects, having managed to direct the contracting of the urban and rural sanitation projects that were included in Emergency Decree No. 102-2021-HOUSING by S /500’000,000.00

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Thus, it is symptomatic that, faced with these facts, the defendant has not shown at any time the will to amend his behavior or to repair the consequences of such acts, but basically, he has tried by various means to evade his responsibility, to such an extent who tried to flee from justice, rather than submit to justice”.


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