Neuer WHO-Pandemievertrag: mit Kontrolle über Lebensmittel- und Landwirtschaftsproduktion

8 mar 2023 3:17 p.m

According to the planned pandemic treaty, the World Health Organization is to be given comprehensive control and monitoring powers. To prevent virus transmission from animals to humans, the WHO must control all food production and agriculture. Comprehensive vaccination programs for animals and humans served to prevent the pandemic.

In early February, the World Health Organization (WHO) published a draft for a new one pandemic contract and new health regulations. This would give the WHO more and more powers – like a world government – the news portal criticized on Tuesday from Austria. In the post analyzed the online magazine the concrete plans that the WHO wants to implement with the new pandemic contract. According to the 32-page outline of the proposed plan, the World Health Organization would take control of agriculture and food supplies worldwide.

First of all, the organization wants to gain control over the poultry industry, it said tkp-Report. Poultry in the WHO contracting states should be controlled, monitored and vaccinated in a uniform manner worldwide – to prevent alleged virus transmissions between poultry and humans. The new pandemic treaty would stipulate that most infectious diseases in humans would be caused by virus transmission from animals. By signing the agreement, a country recognizes

that “most emerging infectious diseases originate in animals, including wild and domestic animals, and then spread to humans.” quoted the magazine from the WHO Pandemic Treaty Draft. Accordingly, the contracting parties must loyally commit to a “One Health Approach”, the scope of which includes the health of humans, animals and ecosystems.

Loud Explanation of the Federal Development Ministry, the “One Health approach” serves “to prevent and promotes interdisciplinary cooperation, especially between human medicine, veterinary medicine and environmental sciences”. One Health focuses on the interfaces between people, livestock, domestic animals, wild animals and the ecosystems in which they live. To prevent future pandemics, the ministry is promoting the “One Health Approach,” according to its website:

“In order to prevent the future risk of health crises such as the current pandemic – the German Development Ministry (BMZ) is promoting the One Health approach”

Germany pledges 130 million euros to support WHO

The World Health Organization justified the new concept with the planned pandemic contract in order to optimize and balance the health of humans, animals and the ecosystem. Health hazards at the interface between animals and humans must be recognized at an early stage and “zoonotic transmissions and mutations” must be prevented, and

“to sustainably balance and optimize the health of people, animals and ecosystems.” is the text of the new pandemic contract.

At the same time, the contracting parties would have to recognize “the establishment of the group of four” in order to “better address all issues related to One Health,” it said loudly tkp in the draft. The composition of the foursome would indicate who would have the new authority over food and agriculture:

In the future, it will no longer be the agriculture ministries of formerly independent states, or the elected members of parliament, national parliaments or farmers who will determine food production and agriculture. Instead, the World Health Organization would monitor and control not only humans but also animals and agriculture. In this regard, the proposed pandemic treaty would specifically state that the ‘Quadripartite’ would consist of the WHO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the World Organization for Animal Health and the United Nations Environment Programme. The top three donors included the US, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and other US oligarchs.

The largest US donor in 2022 is Bill Gates: 5.1 billion dollars to his own foundation

According to the new text of the pandemic treaty, there are areas of control and monitoring to prevent impending pandemics caused by virus transmission from animals to humans almost everywhere: “The critical areas that this body deals with include food production and distribution, urbanization and infrastructure development, international travel and trade, activities that lead to biodiversity loss and climate change, and those that put increased pressure on natural resources can all lead to the emergence of zoonotic diseases.”

This “One Health” and “One World Order” could still be stopped before this new world domination ended in a “total disaster”, appealed tkp from Austria.

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