AMLO announces new trade plan with Latin America to combat inflation

The one who flaunts himself every day as the defender of national sovereignty now has Mexico in danger of foreign intervention.

López Obrador, due to his own negligence and an inexplicable sympathy for the leaders of the drug cartels and crime in general, puts the country’s sovereignty at risk.

Its main task is to take care of the sovereignty of Mexico, and due to its mistaken policy towards drug trafficking, it has handed over part of the control of the country to criminal groups.

That is unacceptable for Mexicans, and it is also unacceptable for our neighbor to the north. It was the word that the White House used regarding the kidnapping of two citizens and two US citizens in Matamoros.

Two of them were found dead yesterday, one more injured and the other saved his life.

The country is falling apart in the hands of criminal groups that had four years of tolerance and hugs from the President of the Republic.

Are the Marines going to destroy fentanyl laboratories in Mexico? We do not know. Unfortunately, it cannot be ruled out. It will also depend on who wins the US elections next year.

Until now, the United States has allowed all of AMLO’s aggressions to pass, his meddling in the internal politics of that country by personally supporting the re-election of Donald Trump, his attacks on liberal democracy, the sympathy of the ruling party with Vladimir Putin, and the defense of Latin American dictatorships.

Everything is to have stability in the neighboring country. That has always been Washington’s priority. A stable Mexico.

They did the same with Mobutu in Zaire for three decades. They even tolerated his going mad, as long as he guaranteed stability in the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa. Until it stopped being functional.

The government of Mexico no longer guarantees stability.

AMLO has the power, but not the control.

The border of Tamaulipas with Texas belongs to The Zetas.

With the empowered narco, territorial control, symbiosis of criminal groups with the ruling party in various entities, the Mexican government is in the eye of the hurricane.

The damage caused by the President when his compadres have done them, to the drug traffickers, cannot be repaired in the year and a half that is left.

The idea that a narco-state flourishes south of the border is sweeping the United States.

And here the President makes two mistakes, to the detriment of Mexico.

The first is to have the population polarized, facing each other.

On a daily basis it fosters discord among Mexicans.

And interventions have occurred when we have been divided.

The internal division resulted in the loss of half of the national territory.

We had another intervention in the revolutionary era, with Huerta in the Presidency.

Are we going there?

The second error of the President in the strategy to defend sovereignty has been to wrap himself in the flag instead of attacking the causes for which an aggression against Mexico can be unleashed.

It is not necessary to read the American or Mexican press to see the empowerment of the drug trafficker in our country. It is enough to venture onto a road to know that we are in danger.

AMLO said yesterday that he would not allow foreign countries to intervene in national affairs, and that he was not going to enter the United States to persecute the mafias that distribute fentanyl.

How are you going to prevent other countries from interfering in Mexican affairs, if the Mexican government interferes in the domestic affairs of others?

And it intervenes to support the dictatorships of Nicaragua and Venezuela.

He intervenes to support a coup in Peru.

He supported, with his lone refusal to condemn him, Trump’s coup attempt on January 6, 2021.

And we were the last country to recognize the victory of Joe Biden.

We live next to an empire. The sensible thing is to take advantage of the opportunities that this represents, and to have the house in order, united.

The President has done the opposite.

And now that he loses control of the country at the hands of those he embraced and gave privileged treatment to, the drug traffickers, he threatens a dangerous flight forward: the fault lies with the gringos, the conservatives, the press…

AMLO confuses national sovereignty with the black and viscous liquid called oil.

He confuses Biden’s goodwill with weakness towards him.

It confuses the narcos with the good people.

He confuses his governed, which we are all, with loyalists and enemies who conspire against him.

The United States enters a presidential succession process, and Mexico will be the subject. Migration and drug trafficking.

And the attitude of our president leaves Biden less and less space to cover us before Republicans, Democrats and the public opinion of his country.

Yes, Mexico is in danger.

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