Jon Favreau reveals the great post-credits scene of 'Iron Man' that Disney had never allowed anyone to see until today

One of the most iconic moments of ‘Iron Man’ (2008), and of the entire Marvel universe, was actually one of its shortest sequences, a post-credits reveal in which Samuel L. Jackson emerged from the shadows of the apartment. of Tony Stark to reveal himself as Nick Fury, recounting his plans for the Avengers Initiative, but what the public saw was only one version of the revelation.

The personal brand of Samuel L. Jackson

Now, director Jon Favreau has revealed that there was an alternate version of the scene, one that fully embraced Jackson’s legacy of being an intimidating figure known for saying a particular word. You can see the post-credits outtake in the following video of his interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!which begins at minute 13:49.

Favreau revealed the version of the scene that rolled without meaning to let him see the light of dayin which Jackson responds to Tony Stark, “I’m Nick Fury, motherfucker.”

“The way it works is that ‘Iron Man’, at the end, just walks into his living room after the credits and is surprised when Nick Fury invites him to join the Avengers Initiative. That kicks off everything that happens. , but I knew I wasn’t going to be in the movie.”

Favreau himself seems taken aback when host Kimmel reveals that he has the footage, that had never been officially published, probably because this explicit version didn’t quite fit the Marvel Studios image.

“Where did you find this? This is real, by the way. It’s not a joke. We really filmed this just for fun. I’m a fan of Sam Jackson, not just Star Wars, and this was before Marvel, because of his movies with Quentin Tarantino, his indie film days, so it was great to have him there: the eyepatch, the leather jacket, and just having him on set.”

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