IU refuses to condemn his former deputy accused by his wife of "abuse": not even for 8M

Inmaculada Nieto, spokesperson for IU Andalucía and the podemita coalition Por Andalucíahas refused this Wednesday at a press conference of the regional Parliament to condemn his already former deputy Miguel Ángel Bustamante, who has been accused by his wife of “mistreatment”, which is why he had to leave his seat. After insisting several times OKDIARY Andalusia about this issue, Grandson She has thrown balls out and has completely ignored the question in this medium, answering absolutely what she wanted.

Yes, he has spoken about the “undesirable effects for everyone that he has had up to now” the Law of ‘only yes is yes’also known as the Montero Law. However, what we have questioned the spokesperson from this medium is how you can celebrate Women’s Day as part of a party that is in a government that has benefited from this judicial botch 730 rapists and sexual offenders. “We celebrate women’s day so that equality is effective between men and women”, she has answered as if the question were any other.

«We celebrate the 8M in the demonstrations that are called”, Nieto has continued to wield at the insistence of this medium on the fact that they are part of a government that benefits rapists. About his former deputy accused of mistreatment, Miguel Angel Bustamantehas once again obviated the question of OKDIARY Andalusia.


“Over the last decades we have managed to reduce the inequality that was evident and that continues to exist today and that in many areas it is overcome,” he commented. As an example, he has pointed out that in justice it can practically be said “that it is a feminized area” and “more than 64% Justice workers in Andalusia are women” or “the vast majority” of the last promotion of judges “were female judges ».

However, there are still areas in which to “improve” and for this it is essential “not to ideologize he feminism, not to exclude with feminism». At this point, she has rejected that there are “first and second class feminists” or who are given or not “the feminist card.”

Nieto stressed that “society, as a whole, has to take on the challenge of equality.” «But neither am I going to give lessons to anyone about feminism nor am I going to accept lessons from anyone about feminism. And what happened yesterday in Congress has a lot to do with this,” he said.

In his opinion, “there are those who it is believed that he has the machine to make feminists» and «the card that certifies» if you are or not; something that “no one can be allowed”, since “everyone works” so that real equality “is achieved”.

In this sense, he has branded the law of ‘only yes is yes’ of the “greatest regression in that race for equality”, which “sometimes has gone faster and other times slower” and in which everyone is “certain that not a single abuse of any kind can be admitted to the women, particularly sexual abuse.

For this reason, he has alluded “to the obligation to establish exemplary sentences for whoever abuses a woman and, especially, whoever rapes her” and has said that he does not understand how the new norm is now allowing “those sentences to be lowered”, that many rapists and abusers get “out on the streets” and that “the ones who have lost have been the women abused and raped».

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