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To have access to the payment of Amounts Receivable from the Central Bank, citizens must have an account at Gov.br system at silver or gold levels. According to the government, the platform has different levels following the amount of security needed to use federal services in digital format.

The rules are determined by Law 14,063, of 2020, which simplifies and standardizes the electronic signature of public documents in three levels: simple, advanced and qualified (bronze, silver and gold calls).

Gov.br account levels


The simple signature can be used for transactions within government platforms that do not involve information protected by a degree of secrecy. Allows access to requests for appointments or appointments; request for access to a government portal; sending digital documents in general; application for assistance, labor or social security benefits directly by the interested party.


The silver signature uses the digital certificate, with the issuing process via the Brazilian Public Key Infrastructure (ICP-Brasil), and can be used in all transactions and documents with the Public Power.


The gold level is accepted in processes and transactions with public entities when they involve information protected by a degree of secrecy and registration of acts in commercial boards, such as registration or transfer of ownership of companies, brands or patents; conclusion of contracts; sending digital documents or appeal requests in administrative or inspection procedures.

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How to get silver level on Gov.br using the app

  • Step 1: register within the Gov.br application (App Store or Google Play)
  • Step 2: To increase the level, click “increase account level”
  • Step 3: do the facial recognition through the app to check your photo on the bases of the National Driver’s License (CNH)
  • Step 4: validate your data via internet banking from an accredited bank

How to get gold level in Gov.br

  • Step 1: access your account on the Gov.Br app (App Store or Google Play)
  • Step 2: Click “Upgrade Account Level”
  • Step 3: do the facial recognition for the photo conference at the bases of the Electoral Justice

How to create the Gov.br account?

Any Brazilian or foreign citizen with a CPF can register on the Gov.br platform. To create the account, you need to download the application (App Store or Google Play) and follow the steps, starting with “create account”. With the registration, the citizen can access various government digital services such as INSS, digital work card and unemployment insurance.

How to query receivables?

The only site where it will be possible to consult and find out how to request the return of amounts for legal or natural persons, including deceased persons, is the https://valoresareceber.bcb.gov.br.

How to request redemption of receivables?

After making the query and verifying that there are amounts to be received, it will be necessary to click on the ‘Access the SVR’ button. If there is no queue, the consumer will be transferred to the Conta gov.br login page.

The consumer will have 30 minutes inside the system. According to O BC, this time is enough to do everything you need to, but keep an eye out for the clock in the upper corner of the screen.

The redemption request is made within the Values ​​Receivable system itself. In this case you will need:

  • select one of your Pix keys (mandatory field) and enter your personal data; It is
  • keep the protocol number, to contact the institution, if necessary.

According to the Central Bank, even if the consumer has indicated the Pix keythe institution can return it via TED or DOC to the selected Pix key account.

In addition, the institution can contact you by phone or by email to confirm your identity or clarify doubts about how to return it. This is a procedure for your safety and that of the institution. However, never give out passwords to anyone.

If the system offers the option Request herebut no present Pix key available for selection:

  • contact the financial institution directly by phone or by e-mail provided by it to arrange the return method.
  • if you prefer, create a Pix key and return to the system to request the value.

if the system no offer the option Apply here:

  • contact the financial institution directly by phone or by e-mail provided by it to arrange the return method.

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