We are at the moment when the transformation is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), with tools like ChatGPT at the forefront of this renewal. Lately we have been amazingly following how the chatbot developed by OpenAI is able to understand questions and provide complex information on various subjects.

The tool’s success is such that it reached 100 million active users in just two months after launch. TikTok, an app for sharing short videos, for example, reached this volume of users in nine months, while Instagram took two and a half years.

However, at the same time that the novelty is gaining admirers, there are also those with more suspicious eyes. This is because of the impact that Artificial Intelligence and tools like ChatGPT are bringing to business.

It is possible that sectors such as marketing and advertising put human copywriters to more creative and personalized tasks, mainly due to the chatbot’s ability to generate high-quality written content for campaigns. The same can occur in related areas of communication such as content creation and journalism.

In the health sector, the tool can be used to bring faster and more assertive medical information to patients, reducing some basic demands of health professionals. Another market that may be impacted is finance, which will have the opportunity to use technology in areas such as investment banking to analyze data and provide inputs for decision making.

At the center of discussions about the future of professions are councils. After all, it is the directors who draw a picture of the business to provide information and guidance to decision makers. In a scenario with evolution and impacts of innovations, it is essential that the board of directors monitor these transformations and update itself to maintain its relevance.

Ideally, at this point, the strategic agenda for advisors should include a comprehensive understanding of AI and its market impacts, with the ethical considerations that accompany its implementation. In this sense, board members need to constantly study to expand their skills and competencies.

Thus, he will have an understanding of data governance and privacy, as well as understanding the legal implications of using AI tools to make informed decisions and assess the potential risks and benefits of adopting this technology. Another important point for directors is to seek greater diversity in the collegiate, which should be composed of members from different backgrounds, including technology and data specialists, which can bring new perspectives and ideas to the discussions.

In short, the impact of AI across industries and professions is already significant, and this is set to increase in the future. Thinking more in the short term, technology can help board members by providing insights that inform their decisions, but it is unlikely to fully supply the human experience and judgment critical to governing an organization efficiently enough.

It is important to note that the purpose of AI is to assist humans in their activities and not to replace them. According to chatGPT itself, when asked if he could replace directors on a board, he stated that “board members are responsible for providing governance, oversight and guidance to an organization and must be able to understand the goals, culture and company strategy. They also need to be able to identify and manage risks and provide input on critical decisions that affect the organization’s future. These tasks require a human touch and perspective that AI is not yet able to replicate.”

*Claudia Elisa Soares specializes in ESG and business and leadership transformation and advises public and family companies

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