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we like the FireTV from Amazon for many reasons. From the classic Amazon Fire TV Stick, through the powerful Fire TV Cube 4K 3G, and without forgetting the televisions that use Fire TV as an operating system.

Amazon has managed to create a media operating system Quite interesting and simple, despite the fact that the competition has never made it easy for you. Yes, we are talking about Google and its Chromecast present in half the world.

Today we want bring you in a single article all the tricks that we have been finding in recent months about the Amazon Fire TV and that can make life much easier and more comfortable.

Without further ado, I’m going with those tricks, putting them on a list and with their corresponding links, in case you want more information about one in particular. Let’s go there!

Hidden tricks of your Amazon Fire TV that you should know

The Amazon Fire TV app that is taking time to install: If you are one of those users who bought a Fire TV from Amazon and you are fed up with not clarifying yourself with the remote. We recommend that you install an application that will make your life easier.

Yes, as you may have guessed, this app that we highly recommend is the official Amazon application that we have available on Google Play and the Apple Store. Here’s everything you need to know about the app.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV, enjoy IPTV using Kodi: Kodi is one of those applications that everyone knows or has heard of, since we are facing one of the best multimedia centers out there right now.

The first thing we need to know is that Kodi is not present in the Amazon app store, so we cannot use the official way to get install this app. But this can be fixed by following this simple guide.

SkyShowtime on Fire Tv Stick

How you can install SkyShowtime on the Fire TV Stick: Surely you are one of the many who have been interested in subscribing to the new streaming platform SkyShowtime, since it has a very attractive offer of series and movies.

The first thing we have to do is install an application called Downloader, which is a download manager, from the Fire application store or directly from Amazon. Here you have all the instructions on how to download and install the app.

SkyShowtime on your Fire TV Stick

Access the hidden menu of Fire TV: Many Amazon Fire TV users will probably never even have to touch the developer options settings. But by not doing so, they are losing a series of interesting additions, such as the hidden menu.

The menu Developer Options is available on Amazon Fire TV hardware. Since it is now hidden, go to the About section in settings and press the remote control button seven times on the first item to bring up the Developer Options menu, which is now hidden.

When you’re done, a message should appear telling you that you’re already a developer.

review amazon fire tv cube 2022

Pair bluetooth headphones to Fire TV: If you are one of those who watches movies or series in the living room while the rest of your family is reading or talking, this solution is interesting. And it is that you only have to pair your favorite Bluetooth headphones with your Fire TV.

enter the menu Settings, select Bluetooth Devices & Controllers, then Other Bluetooth Devices. Pair your headphones (you only have to do it once) and the next time you want to listen in private, turn them on and they’ll connect automatically.

SkyShowtime on your Fire TV Stick

Shortcut menu to applications and settings: A very useful feature, but one that is often overlooked. A long press on the Home button on the Fire remote will bring up the quick access menu.

This way, you can quickly jump between profiles, see all installed applications, access settings and much more. If the interface FireTV Sometimes it seems a bit cumbersome, this trick simplifies navigation a lot. Chromecast It doesn’t sound so special anymore.

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