From expropriating C5N to taking away the hotels from the Kirchners: the advice that Sturzenegger recommends

This Tuesday, Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner led a tribute to the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo in the National Senate for the 45-year history of the human rights organization.

During her speech, the former president referred to an opinion note that the former head of the Central Bank during the government of Mauricio Macri, Frederick Sturzeneggerpublished last Sunday in the weekly Perfil.

In the article entitled “Is it possible to end the crack?”, the PRO economist and creator of the 2001 Mega Swap revealed that during the Cambiemos government, the expropriation of the C5N news channel was evaluated on the recommendation of the former Menemista official Roberto Dromiwho was in charge of orchestrating the massive privatization of state-owned companies during the 1990s.

It wasn’t something that got away“said Cristina Kirchner, before the gaze of the president of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, Carlotto’s Stele. And he ironized that “there were no complaints from any investigative journalist” after Sturzenegger’s confession.

“In an off, atrocities are said that are later denied, but I was impressed that it is someone who wrote it, thought about it and then decided to publish it. Nobody moved the ammeter“, emphasized the President of the Senate of the Nation.

In that opinion column, Sturzenegger had recounted what Dromi’s advice was in 2015. In addition to the expropriation of C5N, the former macrismo official revealed that what was next was to “take away Cristina’s hotels”, and although he clarified that although he did not incorporate these recommendations during his time at Cambiemos, he saw the option to remove them more and more valid. resources to opponents.

“I remember that, in the middle of 2015, a friend dragged me to a dinner with the promise that it would be interesting. Upon arrival, I was surprised to see Roberto Dromi, someone I had heard a lot about, but did not know personally. I did know that he had been the legal strategist for the reforms of Menem’s first presidency”, begins the article mentioned by Cristina Kirchner this Tuesday.

And he continues: “During dinner, Dromi monopolized the conversation (…) And right there he dispatched what he considered to be top ten things that the new administration should do (…) “I remember the first item on his list was ‘expropriate C5N’; the second, “intervene Cristina’s hotels”, and so on. Dromi’s list was not one of tasks to be accomplished, but rather how to liquefy the resources and power of those he thought would use them against the future government.”

In this regard, Cristina Kirchner reflected: “We must also rethink what society we want to live in, if we want to live with this degree of impunity in which anyone says and does anything“.

It should be noted that the owners of the Indalo media group, Fabian De Sousa and Cristóbal Lópezwere arrested during the Cambiemos government and later filed a complaint for persecution in which they accused the Macrista management of wanting to keep the news channel.

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