Emilio Ingrosso wrote nasty text messages to Phillipe Cohen after the breakup with Bianca

Long-distance runner Wahlgren’s world is in full swing with season 13. After Bianca Ingrosso dropout last year, the series has put more focus on Pernilla wahlgren and Christian Bauers relationship and renovation of the luxurious house on Lidingö.

The year began with the couple getting engaged up in the mountains, which will also be shown in the program.

During one episode, Pernilla went for coffee with Bianca and then told more about how, before Bauer, she had lost a little hope in love. This is to comfort Bianca after her seventh breakup from Philip Cohen.

Pernilla and Bianca had a little coffee. Image source: discovery+

– After Emilio, I felt a concern that the family was not kept together. That you might not find love again. Today, when I’m with Chrille, it’s completely crazy that I once thought like that, explained Pernilla

Pernilla is today happily cohabiting with Christian Bauer. Image source: discovery+
“How could I feel that way?” Bianca wonders. Image source: discovery+

– I feel exactly the same. I don’t understand how it can be like that, Bianca replies and continues:

– Yesterday I met him, and I didn’t feel anything?, says Bianca.

– But you know that enough is enough?, says Pernilla.

– But yes, and I feel for the first time that I am nervous about my future. And I haven’t felt like that before.

Bianca says, however, that she somewhat regrets the purchase of the huge apartment she bought in Östermalm.

– I feel a little bit that the apartment purchase was a little… yes, but wrong. The apartment is so big and we were meant to live there together, says Bianca

But now Bianca reveals a little more about the aftershocks that came after she and Phillipe broke up.

Bianca Ingrosso: “Dad wrote an angry text message”

In a previous episode of Wahlgren’s World, Bianca had dinner at her father’s house Emilio Ingrosso and his wife Åsa Ingrosso. Bianca and Phillipe had broken up again then and Emilio then said during dinner:

– Now this must be the last time. Otherwise, I’ll get in touch with him.

And very true Phillipe and Emilio had met afterwards but then realized that they had a lot in common. The conversation had been fruitful and instructive.

But now Bianca reveals that after the last breakup, Emilio had contacted Phillipe with an angry text message. In Wahlgren’s world, she sits together with Pernilla and Vanessa Lindblad in a taxi and then tells her that she has just spoken to Phillipe.

Bianca takes a taxi with Pernilla and Vanessa. Image source: discovery+

– I spoke to Phillipe yesterday. It was that good? As well as hope you are well and that all is well. I’m going to check and get my things, Bianca tells and continued:

– Apparently dad had sent him something really bad so I said ‘sorry about that’, says Bianca.

– Yes, you also asked me to send something like that, but then I said that it is better that we wait, laughs Pernilla.

– Is it true?, asks a shocked Vanessa.

– Yes, but I haven’t asked dad to do it. It was when I was heartbroken, says Bianca.

– And angry, Pernilla filled in.

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