Did the orthopedist abuse you?

It is not easy to raise your voice; fear, vulnerability… but only together can we change things, only together can we make a difference, only then can justice be done.

The testimonies that I will share with you were given to me by the victims themselves and are the continuation of the column “Doctor” continues to drug and abuse them.

He modus operandi It is, according to the victims: no matter what discomfort they have, the orthopedist Hernández Robledo asks them to put on a mini-gown, without a nurse present, he infiltrates them (drugs) and thus abuses them.

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In May 2015, after suffering an accident where my pelvis deviated and, therefore, my spine, I arrived with Hernández Robledo, accompanied by my mother… I returned from a trip to go to physiotherapy, but he told me that he wanted to check me out first. .

I went alone, I put on my robe and he made me do exercises of touching my feet and raising my leg, bending over, standing back, very uncomfortable. He made me lie down on the stretcher, gave me two injections, then he asked me to lie face down with my thighs touching my chest (child’s position), touching my spine with my left hand. I already felt the effect of the injection, but I heard a buckle and tried to get up, but he stopped me with his left hand; “Almost, Laurita”, and I heard the buckle again. Leaving I confronted him telling him that I had heard a belt and his two answers were “how do you think, Laurita, I have four children”, “yes they tell me a lot that because I am so chubby I move my belt a lot”. He tried to move closer to me to reassure me and I jumped back.

I went out and had to wait in the car because I couldn’t drive. That day I couldn’t get what had happened out of my head and I talked to a friend who knows him perfectly… One day he told me that he was hearing that people feel uncomfortable with “doctor” Hernández Robledo, and that a friend of his mother wanted to talk to me .

That’s how I got to know Jacky. Since 2016, the criminal lawyers of Montero & Martínez have accompanied us pro bono.

We spoke with the management of Hospital Ángeles and they took him out immediately. Today he has his office in Estadio Bosques, in Pabellón Bosques, and he continued to do so for many women.

We are in 2023 with a link to the process and waiting for justice to be done. Not one more!

To those who have a hard time talking about it, I promise that it is part of the healing and not just for us, but for all those who continue to experience it, for our daughters, mothers, sisters, friends. I don’t stay silent… Enough.

Laura Lebrija


I opened my Instagram, I saw a post from Lau, a friend for many years. The testimony that she narrated was exactly what I had experienced more than eight years ago.

It is a feeling that cannot be described. As a woman, when you experience those things, your mind blocks it out. I did not believe that this man had such an exact way of operating with so many patients.

He was approximately 24 years old. She had severe pain in her knees and my grandfather recommended me to his orthopedist.

My mom made an appointment and we went together. She checked my knees and she asked me for an ultrasound… I went alone to take the studies. She didn’t have an appointment… Then she saw me and she told me that it was necessary to check me again. Clearly I trusted him. She asked me to put on a tiny robe. She didn’t feel comfortable, because the underwear she was wearing was very small… she didn’t have any revision that day. She touched my back, my legs, she asked me to walk, bend down… Later she told me that it seemed strange to her that she had not injected me last time. I trusted that this would be a necessary procedure and she injected me; he automatically started to make me dizzy, he was still in his robe and he laid me down on the stretcher. At that moment I lost consciousness… I don’t remember anything.

Leaving there I called my mom… I have no idea what happened while I was unconscious in the office. Today, after seeing the testimonies of brave women, I understand that it was the way to abuse this man, who expected his patients to be in vulnerable moments to inject them with a substance that we don’t know what it is, leave us unconscious and do whatever he wanted while we could not react.

What seems hardest of all to me is that years and years later this doctor is still out there, operating and with the freedom to continue abusing women who trust their profession.

Not only should his ID be taken away, this man should be in jail, without the possibility of harming one more girl or woman again.

Not one more.

Mariana Martinez de Alba Casarin


I was a victim of Dr. Luis Antonio Hernández Robledo.

I went to his office because my toe hurt.

He gave me an injection in the buttock… I felt dizzy, sleepy, to the point of losing consciousness. Waking up at times, but without the strength to do anything.

In those moments of regaining consciousness a little, the “doctor” touched me on all sides, while masturbating. I made it out of the office reeling.

I related my experience with friends and in chat rooms so that they would not go to that “doctor”. That’s how I contacted Laura and later with several others.

Not everyone has this luck and opportunity to contact lawyers. They remain silent in the face of this crime because they do not even know where to start or because of guilt or unjustified punishment for this.

A grain of sand to stop and not let those who abuse women go unpunished.

Jacqueline Leroy


During the consultation, I explained to Dr. Hernández a problem I had on the right side of my knee. He gave me a robe to put on, I asked him if it was necessary to change, since I was wearing a dress… he replied that it was necessary and to take off my clothes. There was no nurse present.

He began to touch my leg and said that it was necessary to inject me to reduce inflammation; after the injection, he took my panties and pulled them down more than I had. I tensed up, to which he mentioned to calm down, it would be very fast. At one point he touched my groin, I immediately jerked for him to stop touching me… I was tense and in a daze.

He asked me to bend down and touch my toes with my hands, at that moment he stood behind me, and I immediately got up, I told him in a broken voice that I felt very uncomfortable, I began to not be able to breathe, I was scared and I did not know what exactly was happening. I heard her agitated breathing, she was sweating and her face was extremely red. She said: don’t worry, we’re done… The doctor had touched me inappropriately, taking advantage of his power as a health professional… I felt vulnerable, abused and ashamed… I’m not the one who should feel ashamed. Even now it gives me that feeling of vulnerability, it makes me cry and impotence.

Sharing my experience and listening to the other compañeras has been a way of processing what happened and finding support among ourselves.

Marilu Rodarte

Not one more.

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