Death of the model: why they changed the cover

In this context, the lawyer pointed out against Agostina’s partner, Juan Manuel Reverterwhen assuring that the case was “a simulation of a suicide” and specified that the 31-year-old woman was tortured before her death.

“This was a suicide simulation. There were signs of violence in the place. She was incommunicado, he had changed the locks. Both the victim and her partner had visible injuries. There was a table leg that was out and lying on the floor , there were two calls to the police the night before…”Teuly recounted.

With these data, the lawyer questioned the actions of the Quintana Roo Prosecutor’s Office, which did not arrest the alleged femicide, treated Agostina’s death as a suicide from the beginning and handed over the woman’s body, which was cremated a few days after his passing.

“The area was not cordoned off and the victim’s body was not preserved. The protocols say that the scene and the corpse should be taken care of until the investigation is complete. There are many errors that cannot be recovered. The perpetrator was left completely free The cell phones that the suspect took, all the information we could have had on the devices was lost,” continued the legal representative of the Jalabert family.

According to Teuly, the death of Agostina is still under investigation, although he specified that he still cannot demand the arrest of Reverter, a native of the city of Viedma, due to the legal provisions of Mexico.

For their part, Agostina’s partner could not be located and the woman’s family maintains that she hid despite the fact that there is no arrest warrant.

“We wanted him to give us an explanation of the last hours of Agos and we never succeeded. As he is from the same area of ​​ours in Argentina (they live in Carmen de Patagones), we heard some reports that would indicate that he is no longer in Mexico,” revealed the model’s uncle, Germán.

In this sense, Edgardo, Agostina’s father, criticized the work of the investigators, although he admitted that the new cover of the investigation gives him “a glimmer of hope” to arrest the culprit.


The event took place on February 18, when Agostina was found dead in her apartment in Playa del Carmen, which she shared with her sister Candela 6 months ago, who found her without vital signs and with a belt around her neck at the inside one of the bathrooms in the house, where the only person who had been with Agostina until then was her partner.

According to the Jalabert family, the model’s body was found “leaning against the bathroom wall and with her neck tied with a belt from the towel rail, 1.10 meters from the floor,” which they found suspicious since, according to the uncle, “the belt was too low to hang her”.

“Agostina measures 1.70 more or less. She was almost sitting down. The whole circumstance seems more than suspicious to us,” Agostina’s uncle had assured in dialogue with the press.

The 31-year-old woman, a native of the Buenos Aires town of Carmen de Patagones, had moved to Playa del Carmen in September 2022 to continue her work as a model, for which she had more than 16,000 followers on the social network Instagram.


Agostina’s mother said that her daughter’s boyfriend had a history of gender-based violence against her from two years ago and said she was sorry for not having filed the complaint.

“Two years ago we rescued Agos from her apartment in Viedma. If we didn’t go looking for her that day, this would have happened at that moment,” Carolina, the mother of Agostina (31), said in anguish at a press conference broadcast by the social networks.

According to the woman, her daughter lived at that time with Juan Manuel Reverterthe now suspected of murdering her, in the Rio Negro town of Viedma and added that after the episode the man continued to insist to see her.

“One day I found him at the door of the house. I found him by chance and told him not to bother her anymore. That Agostina had plans and that they were not with him,” he described.

Carolina then continued: “After that, he disappeared from Agostina’s life, but two years later he returned. The situation was chaos. The difference was that we were not in Playa del Carmen to rescue her.”

In this regard, Jalabert’s mother regretted not having made the complaint at that time and classified the alleged femicide as “perverse, cynical and narcissistic.”

“Today he’s hiding. He sure hears and sees everything. We know it’s like that. He would have given his version if he had nothing to hide. His parents are responsible for covering up this monster”he concluded.

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