Couple: We finally know the most faithful astrological sign of the zodiac!

More than one in two men (55%) and almost one in three women (32%) admit to having been unfaithful, according to an online survey by theIfop. A figure in constant increase which pushes more and more couples to redouble their vigilance when it comes to infidelity. And while Sagittarius is reputed to be the “Don Juan” of the zodiac, fortunately, another astrological sign has a reputation for being extremely loyal and faithful when in a relationship. This is Taurus.

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Taurus (April 21 – May 20)`

Earth sign par excellence, Taurus tends to think in a reasoned way. So, when this native gets into a relationship, it’s not for nothing! Eager to want to build with his other half, this native is absolutely not the type to flit about… On the contrary, when he finds the rare pearl, Taurus does everything to never move away from it because he believes in life. love that lasts forever!

Moreover, this naturally jealous native makes it a point of honor not to do to his other half what he would not like her to do to him! Consequently, there is no question for him of having ambiguous relations with anyone! Extremely loyal, the Taurus is also not one to do things on the sly. Very uncomfortable with lying, he simply believes that if he is not happy in his relationship, he must leave the person and not cheat on him!

If you are in a relationship with a man or a woman born between April 21 and May 20, know that you can rest easy! Be careful, however, if Taurus is extremely loyal in love, the latter expects exactly the same behavior from his/her darling! And for good reason, it is not for nothing that this native is considered theone of the most jealous and possessive of the zodiac


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