Challenged by Mali: Will international mediation be able to take responsibility for saving its credibility?

While remaining committed to the intelligent implementation of the agreement, “the government will automatically reject any accusation that would hold it responsible for the possible consequencesof the violation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali (APR)! This is what the Ministry of Reconciliation, Peace and National Cohesion (responsible for the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation/APR) indicated in a letter addressed (February 24, 2023) to the Algerian Minister of Foreign and National Community Abroad, Leader of International Mediation in the Peace Process in our country. A warning that comes at a time of breach of trust between the actors concerned with the suspension by the CMA of its participation in the bodies for the implementation of the Algiers Agreement. And the doubt is growing on the future of this agreement constantly violated by the rebels of Kidal with complete impunity.

After having observed a diplomatic reserve for a long time in relation to the controversial actions of the leaders of the Kidal movements, the Malian government now seems determined to stop being pushed around. In his correspondence, he says he is ready to do everything possible to “achieve its objectives, whatever the price and the form, while strictly respecting human rights until the eradication of the last terrorist as well as the complete security of Mali so that the populations can enjoy the dividends of a long-awaited peace“. Otherwise, Bamako now considers inconceivable the collusion between certain movements of the CMA, the HCUA in particular, and terrorist networks such as the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM) of Iyad Ag Ghali.

Openly thus accused by Mali of tolerating the violations of the agreement by the CMA, will the International Mediation be able to take responsibility? Nothing is less certain, especially since its leader, Algeria, does not play the game in this region where it shares nearly 1,400 kilometers of borders with Mali, its southern neighbor. Algeria has always wanted to play the leading role in mediating between our country and the leaders of the various rebellions. But his attitude towards the ex-rebels and certain official statements about the current transition in Mali are not likely to give him the required neutrality in this type of case.

Moreover, the warning from Mali came two days before President Abdelmadjid Tebboune of Algeria received the ex-rebels of the CMA on February 26. He would have reaffirmed to them his country’s commitment to help bring the Malian peace process out of “the dead endcurrent. President Tebboune would have reaffirmed his country’s strong commitment to Malians “from all sides“in order to achieve”to an agreement on the diligence of a common impetus with stricter guarantees».

And a spokesperson for the CMA indicated that the meeting had made it possible to underline Algeria’s firm commitment to a “new dynamics of peace in the region“. It is clear that international mediation, Algeria in particular, plays its future in the resolution of the tension. It must demonstrate reality and above all firmness (with regard to the CMA) in order to prove its neutrality in the mediation.

In any case, that’s what Bamako expects of her. It must take responsibility to save credibility called into question by the letter from the Ministry of Reconciliation, Peace and National Cohesion (responsible for the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation / APR) sent (February 24, 2023 ) to the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad. And as the government statement pointed out, as “political guarantor of the Agreement and compliance with its provisions by the parties», the role of international mediation is essential for the effective implementation of the agreement. But, his silence on repeated violations by either side therefore throws “a discrediton her and gives the impression “the enemies of peace a feeling of impunity».

The resumption of hostilities would mark the failure of this agreement to stabilize Mali, and therefore certain death. Even if for some observers the RPA can be an essential component of a return to political and military stability for Mali, the government is aware that a significant part of Malians is opposed to it. They accuse him of carrying the seeds of a future partition of their country which, as a famous lawyer of the country recently declared, signed him with a knife to his throat.

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Ready for all eventualities, Mali calls on international mediation to assume its responsibilities

The Ministry of Reconciliation, Peace and National Cohesion, responsible for the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation (APR) has just sent (February 24, 2023) to the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad (Head of International Mediation) a letter regarding his observations on the role of the International Mediation and the cases of violations of his commitments by the Coordination of Movements of Azawad (CMA). A letter that observers describe as a “strong warning” to the international partners of a country that no longer plays with its sovereignty.

By dint of having its tail pulled, the goat ends up biting, says a local adage! Faced with the various breaches of its commitments by the Coordination of Azawad Movements (CMA) in relation to the implementation of the Agreement for Peace and Reconciliation in Mali (APR) and the silence of international mediation, the Malian government decided to come out of his reserve. Indeed, despite the sacrifices made by the State for the implementation of the APR (resulting from the Algiers process), it is clear that the movements of the CMA have never ceased to violate it.

And this by denouncing ironically the lack of will of the Malian authorities to implement this agreement in order to put pressure on Bamako for the satisfaction of personal needs or ambitions. After a period of silence on this attitude of certain parties in the RPA, the Malian government decided to go on the offensive by questioning the International Mediation in particular on its responsibilities to ensure compliance with the commitment of all parties.

He finds it inconceivable that she turns a blind eye to the growing violations of CMA movements. Such as, for example, the installation of headquarters in Gourma in 2020-2021; the reopening of security posts in the Zones of Kidal, Gao, Ménaka and Timbuktu; the illegal issuance of travel permits to gold panning sites; the installation and implementation of security devices on the illegal gold panning sites of N’Tahaka (south of Gao) and north of Kidal.

Not to mention the refusal of the coordination to receive the doctors in charge of the fight against Covid-19; actions hindering the optimal functioning of the battalions of the reconstituted armed forces (BATFAR); the conduct of Tartit patrol by unrecognized entities (CSP-PSD) without consultation or government agreement (Kidal, Ménaka, Gao, Timbuktu, Taoudenni).

The government also deplores the silence of international mediation with regard to the occupation and the organization of meetings in Anéfis; the operationalization in Kidal of an Islamic court which has already deliberated on the case of two elements of BATFAR; and especially “the increasingly obvious collusion with terrorist groupsin violation of relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions that require “all armed groups present in Mali that they sever all ties with terrorist organizations».

According to the correspondence of the Ministry of Reconciliation, Peace and National Cohesion (responsible for the agreement for peace and national reconciliation), “these flagrant cases of violation of the Agreement are all the more worrying in that they have not given rise to any condemnation by the International Mediation and their perpetrators have never been called to order“. Inasmuch as “political guarantor of the Agreement and compliance with its provisions by the partiesits role is essential to the effective implementation of the agreement. His silence on these repeated violations therefore throws “a discrediton her and gives the impression “the enemies of peace a feeling of impunity».

It is clear to the government that the CMA’s accusations against it stem from manifest bad faith in minimizing the sacrifices made by the State for the efficient implementation of the APR. “Mali’s commitment to implementing the Agreement is reflected in the involvement of the signatory movements of the Agreement, in the appointment of the President of the Transition, the appointment of their officials within the government and at the within the National Transitional Council (CNT)…”, recalled the letter addressed to Algeria, leader of the international mediation.

The leaders of the rebel movements have also been “systematically consulted» and associated with all the major stages in the life of the nation, in particular the National Consultations, the National Refoundation Meetings; the drafting of the new constitution and its finalization. Not to mention that this commitment is also manifested by the allocation of budgetary resources specifically dedicated to the development of the northern regions of Mali, in particular through the financing, on own resources, of the Sustainable Development Fund (FDD).

Despite this commitment, the CMA movements have put themselves on the sidelines of the peace process by trying to blackmail the Malian authorities. A Nordic game from which Bamako is determined to escape by demanding more sincerity and responsibility from the rebel movements.

The government is therefore right to call the international community to witness and draw its attention to the threats now weighing on the RPA signed in May and June 2015. The ball is now in the court of international mediation, whose credibility is more than ever in game!

Moussa Bolly

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