Between tragedy and death, this is how March 8 was established as International Women's Day

International Women’s Day with commemorates March 8 in many countries of the world, but have you ever wonderedWhy is it celebrated on this date and Where are you from? Here we tell you.

Although for many it is a reason for celebration and congratulations to women, the beggining of this commemoration was marked with tragedies and deathsbefore the fight for gender equality.

According to the United Nations (UN), it is a struggle of more than 90 years, in search of equality, justice, peace and development; same as brings together women from all continentsregardless of ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic and political differences.

The Organization points out that International Women’s Day began to be commemorated by the ONU’s 1975 and two years later it was proclaimed by its Assembly.

Tragedy and death, the beginnings of International Women’s Day

The story begins in March 1857when, according to National Geographic, workers in a textile factory In New York held protests against the working conditions they had, since they received less wages than men.

Eeanor Roosevelt, American political activist, tireless feminist, and at the time director of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, sought to change “human rights” to “human rights.” (United Nations photo)

During this, which would be proclaimed the first feminist marchthe police intervened violently against the women.

But it doesn’t end there, since in 1909again in New York, 140 women started a strike demanding their rights, but They were locked up and burned alive.

Although they died in their fight, their demonstration served as a precedent and that same year, union women celebrated the first International Women’s Day in the United States on February 25.

For 1910, women of 17 countries of the world met to carry out the second International Women’s Conference Women workers in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Almost seven years later, women from St. Petersburg, Russia also demonstrated to demand bread and peace, this during the March 8, 1917.

So four years later, Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin decreed the March 8 as International Women’s Day,

Clara Zetkin, a German activist proposed that there should be an International Women’s Day, so the day was proclaimed. March 8 as International Women’s Day.

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