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Tesla is once again the protagonist of several news stories, although not for the reasons that the news company would like. Elon Musk. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating a possible defect in the steering wheels of Tesla Model Y.

What is this defect? It is neither more nor less that the steering wheel leaves its position and, therefore, it is impossible to control the Tesla Model Y efficiently. Yes, considering that it is a high-end vehicle and, supposedly, it comes from a company that is committed to innovation, it is curious that this happens.

The problem in question has affected a couple of users, although the situation is so serious that it has been put in the hands of the NHTSA. What happened has no relation to the age of the vehicle or to the useIn fact, a user suffered this defect five days after receiving his brand new Tesla Model Y.

Yes, after five days of use the steering wheel came off while I was driving on the highway. Fortunately, he was able to deal with the situation in the best possible way. In fact, he did not suffer any type of mishap and I can express his complaints using the social network that Elon Musk owns. He posted on Twitter what had happened to him with the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla is once again a headache for Elon Musk: his cars lose steering wheels

The publication did not take long to go viral, although enough time had to pass for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to echo the problem that these electric cars are suffering. Of course, at least the initiative has been taken to investigate the model that presents these problems.

In fact, the research emphasizes the Tesla Model Y that have been produced for this year 2023 and, therefore, the situation may arise that up to 120,089 Tesla electric vehicles present this problem with the steering wheel. In case this is so, It is possible that these 120,089 vehicles will be recalled en masse.

And, it is that, to try to avoid this call to review thousands of electric vehicles, what the NHTSA will do is carry out a detailed investigation. In the two cases that occurred, the explanation is that the steering wheel retaining screw used to attach it to the steering column had not slipped in and, therefore, it was a matter of time before this happened.

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