Alpha returned to the house with a mission and generated all kinds of reactions

This Tuesday there was a special gala in Big Brother. It is that the five participants who are still in the competition, Nacho, Romina, Julieta, Marcos and Camila, did not imagine that minutes later they would enter the house again, neither more nor less than Alfa. The man arrived at the El Debate studio dressed in a suit and bow tie, with his classic bandana on his head, took his suitcase and left ready to fulfill a mission, as announced by Santiago del Moro. “You are carrying something very precious, they will find out,” said the driver when he said goodbye.

While the former car salesman was expected to enter the house, images of the test of the leader of the week were shown, which had begun in the afternoon and consisted of staying on a clock wheel for as long as possible. The two competitors who were finalists were Nacho and Romina. The game was defined live and the one who won immunity was the young man born in Madrid.

The truth is that, already in the living room, del Moro read him a statement saying that there will be no salvation in the house and that, starting next week, the leadership tests will end. “You are already among the four best participants in this contest, Nachito,” the driver told him. And he announced that Wednesday would be the nomination gala.

Minutes later, Walter entered the house and the surprise of the players was not long in coming. First they showed the suitcase and everyone began to wonder if someone would enter or if it was information that was in the suitcase. And, seeing the ex-participant, Camila jumped with joy, Marcos, Julieta and Nacho were smiling and Romina seemed disconcerted and fearful.

“What are you doing here,” the former deputy asked when she finally went to hug him. “I came to get married,” Alfa said, alluding to her outfit. “Are you staying with us for a few days? You’ve changed”, Camila insisted. But he explained: “I can’t tell anything.” And, after meeting the puppies, he went to the room to see how his bed was. Surprisingly, at that moment Juliet went into a crying fit asking if Walter would participate again now that the reality show was reaching its final stage.

Then came the explanation. “Alfa has been entrusted with a mission and that mission is inside the suitcase that he took home,” del Moro said. And he added: “It is a game of coexistence, you have to adapt. But don’t rush because not everything is what it seems,” said the driver before saying goodbye for a few minutes. And, while they waited for his return, the little brothers continued to speculate on what the production had planned.

Alpha was then called to the confessional. And Big Brother announced that he had one more guest. Then it was del Moro who took the floor and asked him to tell what his feeling had been. “It is very strong, the truth is. The house consumes you, crushes you. It has its own entity. And when I entered, two million situations fell on me. And the reactions, I knew they were going to be like that,” he said. Then, Santiago explained that Walter was going to return home but he was going to say goodbye to his companions announcing his mission.

After touring the facilities and having a cup of coffee, while all the players tried to get some information out of him, Alfa placed his suitcase next to the television, sang for a while the song You’re Useless with Camila, and talked with everyone. “Those who want Alfa to stay raise their hands,” del Moro asked minutes later. Marcos and Camila raised theirs, but the other three did not. So, he greeted one by one and left the house. Finally, the driver announced to the players that they will only find out what Walter’s suitcase contained tomorrow, Wednesday. “There is something very important there,” he informed them.

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