8M todo el año: Alba Lago, y la credibilidad

  • Within the framework of the Divinity initiative “8M all year round”, the presenter of Informativos Telecinco reflects on the gender gap in credibility

  • “Aesthetic information often takes on greater prominence,” she said about the difficulties faced by many women

  • On the meaning of feminism, she stressed: “We are not in a fight against someone, we are in a fight for our rights”

Credibility: credible quality. By definition, credibility has nothing to do with gender. However, the claim is made in all spheres: women in science, in journalism, in the legal profession, but also in a conversation at the family table, among friends and colleagues, have to work harder to be heard and even to show what they know. The consequence is the famous concept of “mansplaining” that feminism has adopted to denounce this type of attitude in which men “explain the world” to women with a paternalistic attitude, considering that they do not understand it. Against “mansplaining“Women have interposed studies, preparation, extensive resumes, and still it seems not enough.

“It is more difficult for women to gain credibility than for men. There is a lack of female references but in order for us to echo them, they have to acquire a curriculum of excellence, while they do not,” he explains. Alba Lago, journalist and presenter of Informativos Telecincothe first interviewee of our initiative for an 8M ALL YEAR ROUND*.

Alba Lago has been working in television for almost twenty years, so she not only has a present vision of feminism, but also a good overview of its evolution. She has claimed that In the beginning, she had to bang on the table to be heard, but she has noticed a change, and currently his colleagues identify machismo and work so that it does not occur.

Alba has seen how men and women were equally questioned on social networks, but with a clear difference. While colleagues “are criticized for their discourse”, in the case of female colleagues “aesthetic information often takes on greater prominence than journalistic information”. For her, the objectification of women hinders “reaching credibility.”

It’s important that we all stay alert

An 8M all year means not leaving the actions to a single day and for the presenter “it is necessary to give the turra”, but she also points out that for women “it is an emotional wear and tear to be vindicating every day”. She acknowledges that she has had contradictions, because the perfect feminist does not exist, but that she has managed to reorient them, remaining firm in her conviction that feminism is not a fight against someone, but a fight for rights. She adds that she understands the responsibility she has from her professional position and her commitment to be better every day, which is why she considers that the focus should not be stopped on sexist violence, but the focus should also be on more leading women.

We need allies, we need them to get involved

For the presenter “it is important to integrate everyone to achieve objectives” and its purpose for 8M 2024 is “a unique and united manifestation”.

*8M ALL YEAR is an action born from the conviction that 8M is still a necessary day, but that the actions must continue for the rest of the year. For this reason, this meeting space has been created where women will speak at Divinity about issues such as credibility, menopause, stereotypes and gender violence. Spoiler alert: it can also interest men.

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