Valorant: Act II of Episode 6 launched, with the new Agent Gekko and his 4 companions as fun as they are explosive

I’Episode 6 debuted earlier this year with a new map, but it’s only with theAct II launched this March 7 that we are entitled to a new Agent playable, the 22nd of roster. His name is Gekko and is a cool fighter from Los Angeles : its origin was not chosen at random, it will be the city that will host the ultimate tournament Valorant Champions 2023 later this year.

This character has the particularity of being accompanied by 4 pets that allow you to trigger as many special skills. Verti can dazzle opponents with plasma, Altego detects nearby enemies and can stun the first one it finds, or plant or defuse the spike, pogo can sprawl on the ground and explode, and Mordicus can be controlled remotely by synchronizing its vision with that of Gekko, before why not jumping and hurting an opponent. A gameplay particular property which should further diversify the parts of Valorant.

I’Act II of the’Episode 6 is otherwise accompanied by a Battle Passnew cosmetics Oni rare and some optimizations to discover in the changelog below.

Say hello to Gekko, our new initiator. With his teammates, he is ready to cover the angles, scout out, and even place or defuse the spike. But that’s not all. You voiced your demands, waited, and it finally happened: Oni returns with a new melee weapon.

Don’t forget to check out the battle pass, and finally start your ascent: the ranks have been reset.


Welcome Verti, Altego, Mordicus, Pogo and the leader of the gang, Gekko, who comes to us from Los Angeles. Need help getting your team to site? Send plasma bolts at the enemy with Verti or let Altego scout to find the enemy team and flood them with plasma (then plant or defuse the spike). Be gentle with Pogo; once launched, it lands and multiplies over a large area before exploding. Finally, guide Mordicus so that he jumps on the enemy in a detonation of plasma. Assemble your team, wreak havoc, and band together to start over.


Oni is back, and will sow vengeance and corruption in his wake. With a Vandal, a Bulldog, an Ares, a Frenzy and the new Onimaru Kunitsuna (melee katana), you will have something to satisfy your inner demon.


It’s time to perfect your collection with your second battle pass from Episode 6. Boot up and start playing to get your hands on the Shorty (Tilde), Music Onward Player Card, Graffiti Je has money and the Doe Eyes lucky charm.

As always, you have the option to purchase the Act II Premium Battle Pass. Earn even more rewards, like the Phantom (Topotek), Cat Dance with Omen graffiti, Training // Stealth Mod player card, and Crispy Fries lucky charm.

Is this your first battle pass? Find out how they work here.


Ranks have been refreshed. This is your second chance in Episode 6 to climb the leaderboard and prove yourself among your peers. So… ready to attack again?



Geko has arrived!


  • Thread synchronization has been updated to reduce Input latency.
    • Input latency has been improved by approximately 1 frame for players who meet all of the following criteria:
      • NVIDIA Reflex/AMD Anti-Lag is not enabled/available on their PC;
      • Multithreaded rendering is enabled;
      • Vertical sync is on.



  • Fixed a bug where the damage dealt to Sage’s Barrier Orb during the fortification period was canceled after the fortification was completed.


  • On Lotus: Fixed a bug where some skills (e.g. Sova’s Drone) pushed through doors onto other players could continue to push those players, even after the doors stop or leave the field door action.


  • Fixed hitches that occurred when a game mode-specific UI loaded as blocks on game launch.

As always, you can purchase paid content for Riot Pointsto obtain why not via

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