TV column: Carmen Geiss has “space for at least 400 pairs of shoes” in her Dubai villa

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The Geissens move into their new villa in Dubai. After a long search, TV-Family has finally found the right property. But when they move in, Robert and his Carmen clash.

In the current episode of “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family” Robert and Carmen move into their new villa in Dubai. After five years, the couple finally found a suitable place to live.

First stop, how could it be otherwise, is a large shopping mall. “First of all, let’s buy a ladder, a tool box and cleaning supplies,” exclaims 59-year-old Robert Geiss. And what else is part of the initial equipment for the Geissens? “We need a safe because we have to store our jewelry and money – the essentials!” says Robert.

Apparently, Carmen didn’t get the info: She first holds a toilet brush in her hand and then stops in a shop in front of a life-size gold-colored decorative gorilla: “I need it, I’ve always wanted to have it,” she says happily. Looking at her husband, she replies with a mocking smile: “I already have a monkey at home, but now I also have a small one.”

Robert Geiss calls Carmen his “Hansel”

After the real estate agent has ceremonially handed over the keys to the apartment, nothing stands in the way of moving in. Carmen can hardly wait: “I want to furnish and move in!” she urges. “We’ve already furnished and renovated a few apartments, we can do that.” While Carmen is busy making notes, Robert remains calm: “I keep track of things. I don’t need to write anything down – that’s what I have my Hansel for,” he says and grins. Carmen heard that: “What did you call me?” she asks. But she is not really surprised by her husband’s behavior: “That’s how he is, my Robert,” she states and laughs: “He wants to believe that he’s the boss, so I play along.”

While hard-working helpers in the new Apartment already setting up the first furniture and hanging up the lamps, Robert complains cheerfully. He noticed that Carmen had forgotten fitted sheets and pillowcases, and that lightbulbs were also missing. “Now come the super cool sayings from Robert,” Carmen dismisses, annoyed. And why aren’t the curtains in the bedroom long enough? Robert: “The Geissens always want to sleep in the dark, like Count Dracula, that still has to be changed.”

“Did you just call me an idiot?!” – Carmen Geiss is enough

With all the stress, Robert wants to treat himself to a cup of coffee first. But Carmen is at odds with the brand new capsule machine: “I don’t get it,” she despairs. Robert, who is known to be impatient personified, can’t look at his wife’s attempts for long: “Let me do it, you can’t do it, that’s absurd!” he moans. Carmen’s defense is not long in coming: “I don’t drink coffee!” Meanwhile, Robert is successful and gets the machine running immediately – of course not without squeezing his wife into a saying: “One capsule in, like that! That’s for idiots, the machine!” But that’s enough for Carmen: “Did you just call me an idiot?!” The 57-year-old snaps at her husband.

But at the end of the day, the house blessing no longer hangs crooked, joy outweighs it – especially for Carmen, who has long wished not to have to stay in the hotel when visiting the city: “The Geissens finally have a nest in Dubai,” she says happily. “I have room for at least 400 pairs of shoes here, if not 800!” she exults. Robert Geiss has an inkling of what that means for the future: “It’s going to be expensive…”

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