Today's horoscope March 7, 2023: Leo and Scorpio free and motivated

In today’s horoscope, Tuesday 7 March 2023, the unlucky sign is Gemini, while the lucky sign is Taurus. Today there is great astrological news: Saturn enters the sign of Pisces, where it remains for 3 years, until February 2026.

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Today’s horoscope, Tuesday 7 March 2023, and the forecasts sign by sign on love, work and luck. This day marks an astrologically very important date. The semi-slow planet Saturn, the most feared of the zodiac, enters the sign of Pisces where it will remain for 3 years, until February 2026.

It will therefore be Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius to contend with “Saturn against” but, don’t panic: it’s just an opportunity to fix what doesn’t work and evolve.

With the Moon in Virgo which today will also be a full moon, around lunchtime, the unfortunate sign is the sign of Gemini while the lucky sign the bull.

The horoscope of the week from 6 to 12 March 2023: Scorpio and Cancer with Saturn in favor

Today’s horoscope for Aries

When it comes to big business, you are always in the front row, because it is spurred on by a very vigorous Mars. You’re like the South Tyrol fan, who doesn’t hesitate to drive more than eight hundred kilometers to watch the game of his favorite team in Benevento, and celebrate the victory. You are a real parsley.

Love: you always dedicate yourself with great passion.
Work: you apply yourself with great enthusiasm.
Health: You are so naturally resilient that you don’t even need any supplements.
Tip of the day: renew your look with a bob cut.
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Today’s horoscope for Taurus

Feel a real air of renewal today, thanks to the Full Moon in your favor and Saturn coming to support you, like an enthusiastic personal coach. Are you ready for big projects, which everyone will be waiting for, like Ed Sheeran’s new album soon to be released. A period of great self-promotion begins.

Love: there is great burning passion.
WorkIt’s the right time to lay very important foundations.
Health: here is really to celebrate for the newfound good humor.
Tip of the day: listen to the album ‘Trip’ by Coccoluto, to unleash yourself in a home dance.
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Today’s horoscope for Gemini

Your unstoppable race will come to a screeching halt today. The full moon and against Saturn ask you to do an examination of conscience therefore, by making the beep beep between the Grand Canyon at high speed, you will transform yourself into innovative earthworm robots, ready for underground explorations. I assure you that this experience will be just as adrenaline-pumping.

Love from today it becomes one of your priorities.
Work: don’t trust your gut choices.
Health: physical vigor won’t help you much today.
Tip of the day: study the meanings of alchemical symbols.
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Today’s horoscope for Cancer

You can finally come out of your protective shell and launch yourself into a wiser and safer world with the support of Mercury and Saturn. Let go of all your emotional paturnies, because I assure you that you will derive much more satisfaction from thinking more about yourself and your fulfillment. You are capable of just about anything, like consulting and fully understanding the meaning of Da Vinci’s Codex Atlanticus, which can now be found simply online. Test yourself now.

Love: you can safely postpone the sweets until tomorrow.
Work: now you’re off to a great start.
Health: you are very busy for a total recovery.
Tip of the day: follow the profile @informaconfede for a concept of wellness without the obsession with the gym.
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Today’s horoscope for Leo

You rejoice at the news that the Saturn vs. period is officially over. You feel in great psychophysical shape, because you can finally give vent to Mars without limits. You’re just like 94-year-old Gwendolen Kaspar, who wins hands down at the masters swimming championships in Ostia. You are very ready to go beyond infinity and beyond.

Love: it’s really exaggerated.
Work: you are really explosive like a winning shot.
Health: you are perfect for Paris Fashion Week.
Tip of the day: Plan a trip to see the peach blossoms in Japan.
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Today’s horoscope for Virgo

You have to start arming yourself with holy patience, because with Saturn and Mercury in opposition your ability to concentrate and surrender will be very poor. For important matters you could rely on Chat GPT, which proves to be very reliable, so much so that it has recently even passed the medical test and could enroll in the course at the Sapienza University. Remember that every situation always has its positive side.

Love: you much prefer to review all tenses and tenses of verbs.
Work: Indulge in some clutter on your desk.
Health: you really need a marathon under your warm duvet.
Tip of the day: try the innovative toothbrush Ybrush for a dazzling smile.
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Today’s horoscope for Libra

Even if you have Venus against you, you absolutely cannot defer your principles, which you carry forward with great determination thanks to Mars. In fact, you are the friend you can always count on, just like Sabrina Ferilli who ran from Japan to support her beloved Maria De Filippi in a time of great need. When you want you’re really an excellent sidekick.

Love romances are really useless for you.
Work It’s time to focus everything on your career.
Health: you just can’t give up your twenty minutes of functional training.
Tip of the day: listen to the live online of the Lizzo concert in Milan.
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Today’s horoscope for Scorpio

You feel ready for a great revolution, with Saturn coming to support all your futuristic ideas that go well with a great sensitivity that guarantees you a full moon. You could pull big projects out of your magician’s hat, such as the decision by the YOOX platform to create a dedicated area to sell ‘second hand’ garments, obviously signed. Now you can finally let loose.

Love: you’re a true family-sized cream husband.
Work: you can finally indulge yourself.
Health: You can put a break in your continuous search for yourself and enjoy life.
Tip of the day: book a nice lunch with friends.
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Today’s horoscope for Sagittarius

My dear, put aside the big ant projects that were already advancing in fits and starts and enjoy life, like a summer cicada. Take advantage of Jupiter and Venus in favor to focus on love, so organize an evening in the Darsena in Milan, because the gondola serenades are back to listen romantically on a low wall with your sweet half.

Love: all that counts is sweetness and romance.
Work: for unsolvable problems it is better to go elsewhere.
Health: you want to be looked after like a baby by its mother.
Tip of the day: watch the program ‘The Voice Kids’.
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Today’s horoscope for Capricorn

Saturn and the full Moon in your favor fill you with courage and self-confidence, which has been undermined lately by Venus and Jupiter against. Even if you are not as perfect as you would like, you can happily get naked, just like Cristina Fogazzi (aka Estetista Cinica) did, promoting body positivity and the fact that the perfect body is a mere illusion, which cannot undermine personal success. Go ahead now.

Love: you dedicate it all to yourself.
Work: the great confidence and ability that has always distinguished you is back.
Health: train your brain with the world’s toughest riddle by George Boolos.
Tip of the day: buy a Formula 1 style gaming chair.
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Today’s horoscope for Aquarius

Love, with Venus and Jupiter in your favour, is going right to your head, so much so that you are ready to become a promoter of cosmic and lasting love. Your new guru on the subject is undoubtedly Jon Bon Jovi who, despite being an international sex symbol, has been happily married to his Dorothea for forty years. You are ready to find your half of the apple.

Love: you just can’t do without it.
Work your secret is to add passion and love to everything you do.
Health you are always at your best.
Tip of the day: prepare a delicious dinner to share with all your loved ones.
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Today’s horoscope for Pisces

You may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed by today’s Full Moon, which looks like a real challenge for you. You will soon realize that, with Saturn peeking out in your sign, you are capable of anything, so much so that you could take inspiration from the personal story of Patty Pravo, a woman who wrote her own rules following her passions and reaching great professional and even personal. You are very ready to navigate the troubled waters of your subconscious.

Love: it is a restless sea.
Work you can make the rules yourself.
Health: face fatigue head-on with a dose of determination.
Tip of the day: read the texts of the philosopher Jacques Lacan.
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