Were you born in the 1960s or 1990s? March 7, 2023 will be one of the most groundbreaking days of your life! Astrologically, we are experiencing a unique moment when Saturn will leave the sign of Aquarius and will be ruled by Pisces, where it will remain until February 13, 2026. The last time we could observe such a configuration was … in 1996. It was the children of the early 1990s they will soon notice the biggest changes in their lives.

Saturn and astrology. “It’s a planet of boundaries and discipline”

In Roman mythology, Saturn is equivalent to the Greek god Kronos, the infamous Titan, one of the sons of Gaia and Uranus. It was he who devoured his children immediately after birth, for fear of the father’s curse, according to which his own offspring were to take away his power. Survived only the youngest son — none other than Zeus. Instead of a baby, Kronos swallowed a stone wrapped in swaddling cloths given to him by Rhea. The rest is history – actually… mythology. No wonder then that in astrology Saturn is seen as a planet associated with discipline, borders and food. “What is delayed is not lost” — that’s more or less how we could sum up his energy. Saturn circles our sky slowly but relentlessly, which is why we also associate it with things like duties, constraints and authorities.

The influence of Saturn awakens both respect and concern — is a strict teacher, who would rather use a stick than a carrot. “Difficult Love”, however, sometimes proves to bear fruit – thanks to the challenges it provides us, we get the opportunity to develop and we become better people. However, patience is a prerequisite. But what does it mean then Saturn transition from Aquarius to Pisces?

March 7, 2023 – Saturn will be in Pisces for the first time in 27 years

Since December 2017, we can follow Saturn’s journey through all the signs with which it is naturally associated symbolically: Capricorn from the already mentioned December, to March 2020, and then Aquarius from March 2020 to March 2023 (a complete orbit around the Sun, i.e. passing through all signs of the zodiac, is made by Saturn around less than 30 Earth years). This means that for the past six years, the saturnine energy has been extremely intense — and I don’t think anyone can deny that, considering the latest chapters in world history (there were quite a few challenges). Meanwhile Saturn in Pisces is a signal that reality will start to “let go” a bit. This dual sign, associated with empathy and sensitivity, will effectively counter the dark energy that we have been struggling with for so many months!

Saturn in Pisces: March 7, 2023 to February 13, 2026 / Unsplash

Photo: Farzad Mohsenvand / unsplash

Saturn in Pisces and individual zodiac signs

As is the case with such rare transitions, the biggest change will be felt by people who were born when a similar configuration of planets was observed in the sky. If you were born between 21 May 1993 and 30 June 1993 or January 28, 1994 and April 7, 1996, Your first “return” of Saturn awaits you – this is a time of summaries and serious decisions, a great opportunity to make build something permanent. Don’t be surprised if many of your friends decide to get married, buy an apartment, change career or even start a family. They will notice themselves a strong need to live according to your true self, even if it means deviating from the current path.

For those born between March 23, 1964 and September 16, 1964 or December 16, 1964 and March 3, 1967, this will be the second “return” of Saturn. This will be a moment for them to think everything that has happened in their lives in recent years and perhaps come to terms with their past. Saturn has a way of commanding us confronting inner desires and the real “me”. With each cycle of it, we have fewer illusions, but we also become stronger, more sincere and more mature than ever before.

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