They do not stop the claims for problems with the water service

a group of referents of users from different neighborhoods were yesterday at the water treatment plant / the day

While the water shortage continues in different neighborhoods of the City, members of the Tolosa Assembly yesterday toured part of the facilities of the Punta Lara water treatment plant and anticipated that today they will gather at the Government House to complain about the lack of water along with representatives from other neighborhoods.

The movement of the assemblymen started early when they presented a request to the Mayor Julio Garro and the president of the Deliberative Council, Ganduglia, so that the declaration of the water emergency of the city of La Plata be discussed at the opening of ordinary sessions of the Council, since that all the councilors will be there and that could be the main and only point to be discussed.

The neighbors remarked that they do not have water and when something comes out of the faucets it has a brownish color, odor and sediment. “The situation is inhumane and even affected the educational cycle in the region, schools had to suspend classes due to lack of water,” said a neighbor.

In the note that was presented to the Municipality, it was stated that “Absa continues to fail to comply with the consideration, it does not abide by the rulings in favor of the neighbors and we all doubt the potability of the water, that is why we buy drums that cost us 4,500 to 5,500 pesos, about 20,000 pesos a month.”

As a result of the seriousness of the situation that modifies the daily life of the residents, subjecting them to living with almost no water, it was requested that the water emergency in La Plata be treated as the main and only theme at the opening of the ordinary sessions.

At mid-morning a group of neighbors toured the Punta Lara water treatment plant, but they left unhappy because, according to what they said, they were only shown 25 percent of the space and they left without seeing the sector where the purification tasks are carried out.

“They recognized us that in December, January and last February there was a stoppage, there was a decrease; but the problems are from before, they come from October”, said an assembly member.

Those who toured part of the water treatment plant complained that they had not received explanations related to the service. “Everything is barbaric for them, they want to explain the inexplicable to us,” was heard and added that they wanted to know what the process was like, but they only saw 25 percent of the place.

They were also told that the teams are pumping to the maximum of their possibilities and that the aqueduct that carries water to the Gonnet area has problems.

“With that we do not solve the problem we have, if it is not enough, something is wrong,” said an assembly member from Tolosa.

While it was anticipated that today at 6:00 p.m. he will go to Government House to complain about the lack of water.

As a counterpart from Absa, it was reported that neighbors and provincial officials certified that the Water Treatment Plant is fully operational

“In today’s day -for yesterday-, residents of La Plata and provincial officials were received by Absa authorities at the property of the Donato Gerardi de Ensenada Water Treatment Plant, to observe the operation of the drinking water production instances in the place. In this way, members of the Assembly of Neighbors of La Plata together with authorities from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services, the Provincial Ombudsman’s Office, the Provincial Directorate of Water and Sewers and the Water Authority, toured together with directors of different Absa Plant points. The visit, agreed last Friday at the meeting that the visitors held at the Ombudsman’s office, allowed them to certify the normal operation of the stages that make up the purification process, which guarantee that the establishment is working at 100 percent of its production capacity.

Without water in the PAMI neighborhood

Liliana, a neighbor of the PAMI neighborhood that has 45 homes and is located on streets 117 and 118, from 74 to 75, denounced that there is no water in the community tank. “We’ve been having this problem for a month and when the water comes it’s for 15 minutes, we can’t wash things or do anything,” she lamented.

He also argued that the elderly residents must carry water from a low tap in the area and added that all the complaints were made without solving the problem.

For its part, the Municipality ordered an assistance operation in the neighborhoods of the city, given the high temperatures that affect the region and the inconvenience of supplying the drinking water service. In this sense, more than 350,000 liters have already been distributed in recent days.

Based on the articulated work of the different areas of the Commune, the Municipal Emergency Operations Committee (COEM) yesterday reinforced the distribution of water in the towns of Tolosa, Gonnet, San Carlos and Los Hornos.

The tasks will continue today with new delivery operations in the different affected areas of the Party.

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