These are the 5 athletes who were tagged as franchise players in the NFL

Good news comes in clusters. The first is that The 2023 NFL season officially kicks off on March 15.although unfortunately we will not enjoy a game until after August.

But, between being apples and pears, the NFL market is on fire. Free agency, the Draft is coming up, the Combine is over and This Tuesday, March 7, was the deadline to place the franchise gamer tags.

Be careful, not all teams have these cards available to their players, some have already used them or even, It cannot be placed on any player on the squad, that is the choice of each franchise.

Super Bowl LVII game
Super Bowl LVII game – Photo: Getty Images

For the 2023 campaign, there were five teams that applied this almost Yu-Gi-Oh!-style cheat card to their players and they tied them up for the immediate future and with possibilities of more years in some cases.

And we know, many are not so familiar with the terms used in the NFL, which is why, at we set out to explain each and every one of the franchise player labels. Here we leave you what they are and how they are applied.

Patrick Mahomes, the star of the NFL
Patrick Mahomes, the NFL star – Photo: Getty Images

Tied up: We introduce you to the 5 athletes who received the franchise player tag

Lamar Jackson – Ravens – Non-exclusive label

It was quite a novel that was lived in Baltimore with the future of Lamar Jackson, whether he was out of the Ravens or whether he stayed with the team for a few more seasons and fixed his contractual situation.

Well, the agreement did not arrive or the signature on the paper, Lamar Jackson was on the free agency market and many teams were licking their mustaches.but the Ravens still had an ace up their sleeve…the NFL franchise tag.

Lamar Jackson with Ravens in NFL Week 5
Lamar Jackson, Ravens QB – Photo: Getty Images

Basically, the Ravens need Lamar Jackson because their near future depends on him and without the QB, the bottom of their division awaited them. They placed on him the non-exclusive franchise player label and that is that, with this appointment, he can speak with other NFL teams, but, Baltimore can see that offer and match it to convince the quarterback or ask for two first-round draft picks..

Conclusion: Ravens won, yes, but tying up a player like that who no longer wants to be in the franchise so much is a big risk. They still have a chance to convince Lamar Jackson and it is by putting together a competitive team on offense so that it stays for a long time.

The MVP: Lamar Jackson announced that he will be the cover of Madden 21
Lamar Jackson already knows what it’s like to be an NFL MVP – Photo: Getty Images

Saquon Barkley – Giants – exclusive NFL franchise player tag

The Giants pulled off something even their own fans didn’t expect, a postseason victory last season. The change of coaches was very good for the team and it’s just about generating the same inertia so that things work out in the 2023 NFL season.

For it, two of his top players were looking for new contracts or free agency I would welcome them with open arms. Daniel Jones, the QB and Saquon Barkley, the running back.

Both proved to be efficient in the 2022 season, both were fighting for the extension and it was known that one would receive the franchise tag… finally, lThe Giants made the decision to extend the agreement with Jones and Saquon the exclusive franchise player tag.

Who won? Basically both, because the Giants have an elite running back and the QB with whom he understandsthere is no need to create a new project and Saquon Barkley won because he will receive all the money for his label.

Saquon Barkley with the Giants
Saquon Barkley, the runner the Giants needed – Photo: Getty Images

Tony Pollard – Cowboys

Reasons abound for the Cowboys to make Tony Pollard a running back with the franchise tag. If we talk about the running game, it’s the future of Dallas.

Ezekiel Elliott is no longer the running back he used to be and with a few small salary cap issues, they could cut him and for that very reason, Dallas took Tony Pollard’s bet.

Who came out better? Without a doubt, the running back, who faced with the Cowboys’ need for good results, he will be the starter in his position and no one will take that position from him or have to compete with anyone.

The one who lost in this movement was the tight end, Dalton Schultzwhich will now go straight to free agency.

Tony Pollard, running back for the Cowboys in the NFL postseason
Tony Pollard the future terrestrial of the Cowboys – Photo: Getty Images

Josh Jacobs – Raiders

The Raiders have few weapons to look to play a good role in the 2023 season of the NFL and the few that they have must be in charge of retaining them.

The team of Las Vegas should have placed Josh Jacobs with the franchise tagAt least, it’s not all bad for the fans.

Obviously, here the Raiders won because keeping a player like Josh Jacobs will always be a winalthough the runner did not do badly with his salary.

The moving story of Josh Jacobs: from living in a car to giving his father a house
Josh Jacobs has an incredible life story – Photo: Getty Images

Evan Engram – Jaguars

Jaguars have a future projecteverything is well cemented with Doug Pedersen and Trevor Lawrence, but they also have to surround the QB with enough weapons to look for the playoffs again.

Evan Engram turned outLast season, a real help when Trevor Lawrence needed it and the Jaguars didn’t hesitate to retain the tight end and put him on the franchise tag.

Winners? Well, both of them, Evan Engram already knows what it means to be in a franchise without so much future, because of his time in Giants, so, staying in a project focused on winning and with a weak division, where they can reach the playoffs without breaking a sweat, is a win-win move.

Evan Engram, new Jaguars franchise player
Evan Engram, new Jaguars franchise player – Photo: Getty Images

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