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We’ve been talking about the next big Windows 11 update called Moment 2 for several weeks. This new distribution comes after the late-2022 update known as 22H2. Surely all these acronyms are driving you crazy, like me.

A few days ago we explained how you could download Windows 11 Moment 2 on your computer, step by step. But today we are going to focus on the truly important thing about the Microsoft update.

This patch, to call it something, comes with some cool features like the addition of Bing Chat to the OS taskbar, the ability to link your iPhone to your computer, a task manager that is searchable and easier to use. navigate, and more.

If you’re wondering whether or not to install this optional update, read on for our pick of the best new features coming to Windows 11 in just a few weeks, an OS that does not stop improving month after month.

1st ChatGPT arrives on the taskbar

This update directly follows the great buzz caused by Microsoft’s announcements about integrating ChatGPT into Bing. As such, the main attraction of this update is arguably the new ChatGPT-equipped Bing search box on the taskbar.

This Bing chat in the taskbar can return answers to your queries as you type, as well as make it easy to generate content and start chat conversations right from the Windows 11 search box.

This is clearly a push to make the OS search box the entry point for Bing., but then you can continue your search with Bing in the browser. Search bar customization has also been added, including the ability to revert to the previous version of the search bar if you don’t like the new one.

There is speculation that the increased customization options are part of a larger effort to develop an AI-powered Personal Assistant mode, which has already been tested (though not with immediate success).

However, the addition of Bing to the operating system’s taskbar has already proven a bit controversial, and there are some reports suggesting that Microsoft is removing the feature, which would be a shame.

2º Control your iPhone through Windows 11

phone link

Another new feature is Phone Link for iOS, which allows iPhone users to access their messages directly through Windows 11, and make or receive calls through your computer.

This is similar to this existing capability for Android users on Windows devices and iPhone users on iOS devices, and will be especially welcome for those using both, which is much more common than you might think.

3º Better touch screen controls

Windows 11

In addition, this update also has a focus on tablet optimization with features like touch optimization for 2-in-1 devices and a tablet-optimized taskbar.

Microsoft has been working on tablet optimization for some time, going all the way back to the little-loved Windows 8, and this update focuses on optimizing the taskbar for tablets to make using tablets more convenient and intuitive.

This version of the taskbar has two modes: expanded and collapsed. And it’s easy to switch between these two modes by swiping up or down, respectively, at the bottom of the screen. Touch Keyboard and Virtual Touchpad features have also been added to the system tray to optimize touch usage.

Other novelties are the addition of a tabbed Notepad interface, a modified Task Manager with new search, filtering and other functions, a new integrated screen recorder through the Snipping Tool, improvements in Voice Control and Voice Access. etc

Windows 11 22H2

How to get these new features

As I already mentioned, you can wait for the mandatory update at the end of March, when your PC will automatically download and install these new features.

However, if you want to install this update right now, I advise you to try to force the update in this way. Go to Settings > Update and click Check for updates. This should detect the availability of the new update.

But the best thing to do, as a piece of advice, is to wait until Microsoft decides it’s time to roll out the update to all users and download it then, not before. Don’t be in a hurry, the first ones are always the ones that eat the bugs. With Windows 11 too.

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