The well-known radio profile roars against Pekka Heino: "Damn bullies"

Melodifestivalen 2023 is in its final chorus and on Saturday 11 March it will be decided, in the Friends Arena, who will represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Melodifestivalen 2023 – final: Artists, songs and starting order

Pekka Heino’s criticism of Mello 2023: “Trams”

During the five weeks that Melodifestivalen 2023 has been running, the competition has been met with both praise and praise.

One of those who liked the program, and more specifically the efforts of the presenters, is the television profile Pekka Heino. With a picture on it Jesper Rönndahl and Farah Abadi he described the program as “bullshit” and in a follow-up post he explained his thoughts further:

“Jesper Rönndahl appears to me as a second-rate comedian, completely without finesse, who mostly just laughs at his own bad jokes. It is irresponsible of SVT to just let him run wild. Farah Abadi could be really good (which is evident in the pre-recorded artist interviews), but she keeps getting dragged down to his far too low level.”

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Klara Doktorow about Pekka Heino: “Damn bullies”

Even if Pekka Heino gets some support among the comments, there are also those who instead pay tribute to the presenter duo – including the radio speaker and NRJ profile Klara Doktorowwho also took note of Heino’s post.

In the podcast “The Daily Messiah”, Doktorow describes how she thought both Jesper Rönndahl and Farah Abadi were “cruel” during the Mello sub-competitions.

– That’s why I got so incredibly frustrated and also a little angry and dismayed when I read in the newspaper that my absolute nemesis Pekka fucking Heino…

– Weird nemesis, tabs Messiah Hallbergwho also appears in the podcast, in, whereupon Doktorow continues:

– But I hate him. No, sorry, that’s too strong a word. But I don’t think Pekka Heino behaves nicely. He acts like a fucking bully. He goes out on his Instagram and writes that “Jesper Rönndahl appears to me as a second-rate comedian who mostly only laughs at his own jokes”. What is it? Why is Pekka sitting and writing this stuff? That’s just mean.

Edward af Sillén’s mockery of Melodifestivalen 2023: “No one is safe”

Klara Doktorow about the emails from Pekka Heino: “Disgusting”

When a climate activist stormed the stage during Lorraine’s appearing in the fourth part of the competition, Pekka Heino was anything but satisfied with the presenters’ handling of the situation. He then meant that it is not about “just letting the jaw go to fill the void”.

Klara Doktorow, however, believes that Jesper Rönndahl and Farah Abadi handled the sudden interruption “shithole” and that Heino must understand that the duo is constantly working based on a brief they receive from SVT.

– It was the same when he sent nasty emails to me about our Oscars broadcast a few years ago. We had received a brief Pekka fucking Heino. We had not created the content to our liking and taste. What Pekka Heino now makes a sport of is shooting the messenger and I feel myself shudder with discomfort just seeing the black outlines of his name in the evening press. Shivering, says the radio profile i the podand later concludes:

– He has written unpleasantly and meanly both to me and about others in public. Of course he will have to suffer the consequences of that.

News24 has sought Pekka Heino for a comment.

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