The "war" of the photos tightens the rope in JvC

In the PRO, everyone attends to their game: Larreta, Vidal, Macri and Bullrich

At some point, the opposition leadership must have evaluated that in internecine bidding images have more value than political construction. That is lived in Together for Change in recent days: a photo war that is supposed to grant laurels, empowerment, advantages. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Patricia Bullrich, Gerardo Morales; opposition presidential candidates begging for snapshots here and there.

Harvest Festival in Mendoza last weekend, a great opportunity to show yourself. Patricia Bullrich had coffee with the radical Facundo Manes, who says that she, like the lady, aspires to the presidency. The hired photographer captured the moment. The photo was uploaded to the web. Intramural stir.

Bullrich also gets along very well with Alfredo Cornejo from Mendoza, who will be a candidate for governor of his province. It is also assumed that the former minister has the approval of Mauricio Macri to go as far as possible. Manes came to surprise just by taking a picture with Mauricio, a few days ago. Was an electoral pole born there facing the PASO? It can be a line.

On the other side would be, in any case, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the head of the UCR, Gerardo Morales. Both are also pre-candidates for president of Juntos. The chips seem clear: Bullrich seeks to seduce the radical sector that looks suspiciously at Morales and Martín Lousteau, who is the third leg of the conversation between the mayor of Buenos Aires and the governor of Jujuy.

Cross formulas?

Could this end in cross formulas? This is: that the PASO de Juntos have no candidates for each party that makes up the alliance, but rather mixed binomials. A yellow and a radical, or vice versa, versus another yellow and a radical or vice versa. It sounds possible. For Bullrich, the approach to Manes could be all gain: as far as is known, the neuroscientist and deputy continues to be the great credit of the Buenos Aires UCR, led by Maximiliano Abad. Thus, that name is a valuable asset for the former minister when it comes to rooting in the main district of the country.

It is convenient to return to Mendoza. There is a situation of tension between the UCR and the PRO that threatens the health of Juntos at the national level. The radical Cornejo, today a national senator -and, it is reiterated, an ally of Bullrich-, wants to return to the governorship and has already launched his candidacy. The PASO are on June 11 and the general on September 24.

But Larreta’s reference in Mendoza confronts him. It is the deputy Omar De Marchi, national shipowner of the mayor of Buenos Aires. De Marchi resists the suggestion of the Juntos national board to get out of the PASO with the threat of going “outside” with a provincial party. Pure damage to Cornejo.

The Mendoza UCR, and at some point the national party leadership of Morales, pressured Larreta to convince his pupil.

Mendoza is key for any opposition presidential candidate: it is the fifth constituency in the country, with a clearly anti-Kirchnerist profile. Open end for now.

what’s coming

Meanwhile, in the war of the photos of Together for Change, one is coming that will cause people to talk: Bullrich and María Eugenia Vidal. They explain about the former Buenos Aires governor that it will be a meeting between two pre-presidential candidates.

In fact, both appear like this. Although, strictly speaking, the whole world Together for Change does not give Vidal the same entity as Bullrich in that sense.

The former governor of Buenos Aires has been playing ambiguity. Historically, she is a protégé of Larreta, a personal friend, a former pupil.

But for months she has been said to have been blessed by Macri to play the presidential election. In other words, against her initial mentor, the mayor of CABA, and against Bullrich, an ally of the former president.

If bullrichism sold the photos of Patricia with the Mendoza radicals as a message of their advance against Larreta, it is to be imagined that the eventual pose with Vidal will be presented almost as a wet ear to the Buenos Aires.

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