The PSOE confirms that it will reactivate the 'Kitchen' commission but rejects one of the 'Mediator case'

The PSOE spokesman in Congress, patxi lopezhas announced this Tuesday that his party is going to speak with the other parliamentary groups to activate the commission of research on the kitchen case. He has said it at the same time that he showed his rejection of another commission to investigate the mediator caseIn his opinion, non-existent. “There is no case”, he has apostilled her.

This Tuesday, in a press conference from the Lower House, López has defended the activation of the commission that affects the PP “in view of the information” recently known and “that directly implicates the leadership of the former Minister of the Interior”. “He used the State apparatus in an absolutely illegal way” and “we cannot remain on the sidelines,” he stressed.

The PSOE relies on the latest revelations about the messages from the accused and the prosecutor’s letter in the kitchen case which, for example, requests 15 years in prison for the former Minister of the Interior of the Government of Mariano RajoyJorge Fernandez Diaz.

(The PSOE, about to activate the commission on ‘Kitchen’ in Congress to block that of ‘Tito Berni’)

These statements represent the starting gun for a commission that was already approved six months ago, with the votes of the PSOE and its partners, to investigate the use of state apparatus by the Rajoy administration. The Socialists, however, kept this initiative inactive until now.

On the other hand, the PSOE is opposed to facilitating the establishment of the commission of investigation registered by the PP on the mediator case and? they would be willing to support some members of the Executive, like CKD.

López has flatly rejected the need to investigate this alleged criminal plot hatched by a former PSOE deputy: Juan Bernardo Fuentes Curbelo, nicknamed Tito Berni. “In one case there is no case, in another we are experiencing very serious things,” she said.

The Socialists, in addition, consider the internal investigation that they have carried out into this scandal closed with the conclusion that there were only five deputies at a dinner, which took place at separate tables due to the restrictions of the pandemic and that there was no after party. They reject the existence of the famous dinner for 15 deputies.

Criticism of the PP

Contrary to what was proclaimed by the socialist parliamentary spokesman, his counterpart in the PP, Cuca Gamarrahas stated that “yes there is a case”. For various reasons: a former socialist deputy used Congress as the “epicenter” of supposedly criminal activities and because it affects the “Government of the Canary Islands, which presides over the PSOE and which has led to the resignation of different members for this framework.”

Feijóo’s also number two, at a press conference, has reproached the socialists that with their refusal to support the investigation commission registered by the PP they impose “silence in their ranks”. “Neither are responsibilities being settled, nor is it being forceful in relation to a case of corruption,” she lamented.

For the Popular Party, it is essential to “get to the end”, despite the fact that the PSOE intends to “cover everything, that nothing is known and hide what was happening”. Gamarra has denounced that the PSOE, with its silence, wants to prevent “the truth from being known”.

The general secretary of the PP has revealed that this Tuesday, during the meeting of the Congress Bureau, the commission proposed by her group has been qualified and, therefore, it will be voted on next week in the Board of Spokespersons.

By then, Gamarra has already blamed the PSOE partners for being accomplices in the silence of this plot. “There are political groups that look the other way. The Board of the Chamber itself looks the other way when it does not say this mouth is mine,” criticized the popular leader.

The members of the Executive in Parliament, according to the PP, on the one hand have admitted that they are in favor of investigating the Tito Berni case but, on the other, they have rejected that it be done hand in hand with a commission proposed by the main party of the opposition.

Therefore, this Tuesday Gamarra has summoned them to support the initiative proposed by his party: “If they do not support the commission, they will be as responsible for not knowing what has happened as the PSOE itself.”

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