The President announced the dispatch of troops to Rosario and the Army will urbanize neighborhoods

In a surprising recorded message, President Alberto Fernández announced a series of measures that will seek to put an end to the wave of violence that is stalking Rosario, in the midst of the war unleashed between drug gangs.

As he specified, after dialogues with Governor Omar Perotti and Mayor Pablo Javkin, ordered to increase the presence of federal forces in the City and send Army troops to work on logistical tasks and in the urbanization of popular neighborhoods, where the main conflicts tend to take place.

The President’s full message

Since the first day I assumed the Presidency of the Nation, we have been working together with the governor of Santa Fe and the mayor of Rosario. We resolved the question of the historical debt with the province, we advanced with essential works such as the train or the waterway, we built schools, routes. However, the fight against organized crime, despite the efforts made, has not achieved the results we expected.

Organized crime does not develop overnight. It takes time to seize territories, recruit soldiers, capture wills in the security forces, in the judiciary, in the media and also in politics. That is what guarantees their development, expansion and fundamentally their impunity.

The events and images of the last few days show how far they are capable of going with their illicit purposes.

I understand that Rosario needs us. I realize that her security forces are insufficient to face the solution of the problem.

I have spoken in recent days with Governor Omar Perotti and with Mayor Pablo Javkin. They both offered me their gaze and expressed their needs to deal with a problem that, I repeat, has developed over many years.

Faced with this picture, I want to announce that I have made a series of decisions with the main objective of dismantling these criminal organizations with the clear purpose of strengthening social coexistence and democratic security:

In the first place, I have ordered the reinforcement of the Federal Forces until reaching, at this stage, the 1,400 troops available for the city of Rosario. Minister Anibal Fernández will be in the city tomorrow putting this reinforcement into operation.

Secondly, I have decided that the Argentine Army, through its company of Engineers, participate in the urbanization of popular neighborhoods, accelerating tasks pending execution.

They are the Armed Forces of our democracy. In the exemplary way that they acted in the pandemic and in the fires, they will now do so with the same honesty, skill and conviction to help a citizenry that needs them. These are subsidiary tasks contemplated in the National Defense Law.

Tomorrow the governor of the province of Santa Fe, Omar Perotti, will sign the agreement with the FIU to install a delegation in Rosario. In this way, we seek to have greater efficiency in the fight against money laundering, derived among other causes, from drug trafficking.

In addition, we have already signed the Renaper Collaboration and Technical Cooperation Agreement with the province of Santa Fe, which will allow identities to be validated through the Secure Identification System quickly and quickly in security operations.

We will also quickly add 600 state-of-the-art facial recognition surveillance cameras for the city of Rosario.

The prison system will take extreme custody against inmates who have been convicted and intend from the same prison to continue controlling their criminal objectives.

We are going to put the authority of the State at the center of the scene to give back to the city its community life.

We are making strong decisions. Our pulse does not tremble in combating organized crime. Whoever is involved with these organizations, whether they do so actively or passively, will fall under the full weight of the law. We do not accept pettiness or political speculation.

Rosario, cradle of culture, science and the arts, does not deserve to live in anxiety. The manipulation of information for the purpose of institutional wear and tear and the political game played by those who want to take advantage of this situation only deserve democratic rejection.

We are going to make Rosario recover order and thus her social life in freedom and security, but above all we are going to do justice, we owe it to the victims of the mafias and we owe it to the children of the city.

We will not allow a single act of impunity. Those who are part of organized crime should know that there is a State with the strength and intelligence necessary to arrest, try and imprison each one of those who have caused harm.

We are facing a real, complex problem that involves crimes of different scales and types, which is why we face this fight with the determination and conviction it requires. We work in a coordinated way for federal, preventive and comprehensive security for all.

We know that Rosario occupies a neuralgic place in our geography, that it is a center of routes that connect the country and that it has one of the largest ports in Argentina. None of this, authentic virtues of the heart of our country, can be used in favor of organized crime for their crimes.

Rosario is much more than the problems she is going through today and we know she will get ahead. We are going to put an end to the criminal violence of hit men who are merchants of death.

No criminal organization or mafia network can defeat the force of a united people in defense of their land and their community life.

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