Strike of March 7: two new days of demonstrations on March 11 and March 15
ARNAUD FINISTRE / AFP Protesters hold flags and a banner with the logos of French trade unions such as (L/R) CGT, CFE-CGE, Solidaires, CFTC, FO and FSU, as they participate in a demonstration in Dijon, central-eastern France on March 7, 2023, on the sixth day of nationwide rallies organized since the start of the year against French President’s pension reform and its postponement of the legal retirement age from 62 to 64. – Massive strikes are expected from March 7, 2023, with unions promising to bring the country “to a standstill” and strikes set to hit many sectors such as transport, energy and oil refining. (Photo by Arnaud Finistre / AFP)


(Photo taken during the mobilization of March 7, 2023 against the pension reform)

RETREATS – Two dates to surf on a historic success. A few minutes after the mobilization figures for the sixth day of action against pension reform on Tuesday March 7 were announced (they constitute a record), the inter-union unveiled two new days of mobilization.

“The silence of the President of the Republic constitutes a serious democratic problem”denounced in a press release the inter-union which calls for mobilization on March 11 and, next week, March 15, the day of the joint joint commission, when senators and deputies will meet to try to find an agreement on the reform of the retreats.

In its press release, read by Patricia Drevon (FO) during a press conference at the headquarters of Force Ouvrière, the intersyndicale welcomed a “historic day” who brought together “more than three million” of people who “have mobilized through the strike and/or the demonstration”. “To date, these huge mobilizations led by a united inter-union have received no response from the government. This can not go on “she denounced.

A record in the 21st century

The objective of the first date, March 11, is to be able to demonstrate without going on strike in order to take into account the financial problems posed by repeated mobilizations, particularly in the context of inflation that we are experiencing. The other date will come at a pivotal moment for the text of the law. March 15 is the date scheduled for his appearance before the Joint Joint Committee (CMP); composed of 7 deputies and 7 senators, its objective is to reach a compromise between the two chambers with a view to the adoption of the bill.

During a press conference, the representatives of the intersyndicale also said they wanted to be ” received urgently by Emmanuel Macron. “The silence of the President of the Republic constitutes a serious democratic problem”, can also be read in a press release published at the same time.

This demand, which takes on even more weight as the mobilization against his project has experienced a revival that lives up to union hopes. In fact, 1.28 million demonstrators were counted by the Ministry of the Interior (3.5 million by the CGT), which constitutes a record in the 21st century for actions of this kind.

Take ” awareness of the democratic risk”

The unions reiterated their support for the mobilizations planned for March 8 for International Women’s Rights Day and for the specific appeal of youth organizations on March 9.

“It is necessary (that the President of the Republic) take the decision to announce on the forecourt of the Elysée “I withdraw this reform, I put everyone around the table””launched Catherine Perret, CGT confederal secretary.

“The ball is in the court of the President of the Republic (…) it is important that the government becomes aware of the democratic risk to which it is exposed if it remains totally deaf to a massive expression of the world of work”explained Marylise Léon, number 2 of the CFDT.

Asked about the continuation of the strike in several sectors, Marylise Léon stressed that there was no call at the national interprofessional level for the renewable strike.

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