Russia continues to shell Donbass.  In Kramatorsk, a rocket hit a school building, in Konstantinovka, a gas pipeline.  Three hundred and seventy-sixth day of the war.  Photos

Every day since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Meduza’s editors have selected key shots taken during the previous day of the war. These pictures contain scenes of cruelty, violence and death, but most of them are not placed under a special plate, which the editors usually hide such images with. In this series of materials, we try to document the war as it is.

Meduza in Russia is now not only a “foreign agent”, but also an “undesirable” organization. This status is much worse than before. Nevertheless, we continue to work. We can still be read. It is safe. Here are all the answers to the disturbing questions.

  • Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny and Commander of the operational-strategic grouping of troops “Khortitsa” Alexander Syrsky, answering a question from Volodymyr Zelensky, declaredthat the defense of Bakhmut must be continued.
  • The Russian command deliberately sends soldiers to their death near Maryinka in order to reveal the firing positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, writes The New York Times. According to the Ukrainian military, there are “many dead” in the advanced assault detachments of the Russians. The Wagner PMC uses the same tactics near Bakhmut.
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported about Sergei Shoigu’s trip to Mariupol. The department claims that Shoigu “inspected the readiness of the already commissioned facilities and the progress of work at the sites of buildings and structures under construction,” and also heard a report on the construction of a water conduit from the Rostov region to the territory of the self-proclaimed DPR.

Situation in the Clock Yar

Chasov Yar is a city 13 kilometers from Bakhmut, Donetsk region. One of the main supply lines for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Bakhmut direction passes through it. This region is the site of the most intense fighting of the last seven months of a full-scale war.

Many military experts – as on Westas well as in Russia and Ukraine – they believe that the Russian army can take Bakhmut in the near future. Residents of Chasov Yar, who remain in the city despite the constant shelling, have to hide in basements, as well as make fire in the entrances of houses due to power outages. Here’s what’s going on in Chasovoy Yar as Russian troops advance towards Bakhmut.

Evacuation from cities and villages around Bakhmut

American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) claimsthat in the battles near Bakhmut, Russia lost the best units of Wagner PMCs killed. However, in the final battles, according to ISW experts, PMC assault units will again play a key role.

Vladimir Zelensky in the evening address on March 6 declaredthat Bakhmut “gave and gives one of the biggest results during this war”, commenting on the decision to continue defending the city. The President added that “there is no such part of Ukraine to say that it can allegedly be abandoned, and there is no such Ukrainian trench in which the steadfastness and heroism of our fighters would be supposedly invaluable.”

While the battles for Bakhmut are going on, they are trying to evacuate as many civilians as possible from the cities and villages around it.

Funeral of a Ukrainian soldier

Consequences of shelling in Kramatorsk

On the night of March 6, Russian troops fired on Kramatorsk, Donetsk region, controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. One of the rockets destroyed the school building, the rest damaged 15 residential buildings, informed mayor of the city Alexander Goncharenko. No one was hurt during the attack.

The work of firefighters in Konstantinovka

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