Weather SwitzerlandNow it’s getting really rainy, but not everywhere

We are in a stormy and changeable weather situation. The first rain in a long time – the heaviest rainfall is expected on Saturday.

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Stormy and rainy weather is expected for the next few days.

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According to Meteonews, the main focus of precipitation is expected on Saturday.

According to Meteonews, the main focus of precipitation is expected on Saturday.

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After the winter that was too dry, the water content of the soil is far too low in many places.

After the winter that was too dry, the water content of the soil is far too low in many places.

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That’s what it’s about

  • After a long drought, the rain is finally coming.

  • Most of the precipitation is on Saturday, with a lot of snow falling at high altitudes.

  • In Ticino, the dry situation remains precarious.

While more and more clouds are moving over Switzerland from the west over the course of Tuesday, the first precipitation is to be expected in the evening. It’s already raining during the day, especially in western Switzerland, and occasionally in the north this evening. We are on the edge of a low pressure area over Germany bringing changeable and windy weather to Switzerland.

Tomorrow it will be cloudy in the north and wet from time to time. The snow line rises to over 1500 meters. A strong south-westerly wind is blowing up. The temperatures reach a maximum of ten degrees. There is also a lot of clouds in the south, but with temperatures of around twelve degrees it is mostly dry.

Relaxation for nature in the north

Windy and mild weather with temperatures of 13 to 14 degrees awaits us in the north on Thursday and Friday. Meteonews expects a significant amount of precipitation, which is likely to be the heaviest on Saturday. Depending on the model, precipitation amounts between 100 and 130 millimeters, sometimes even 200 mm, are expected. Meteonews expects the most precipitation in Valais. After a winter that was far too dry, the coming precipitation eases the situation in northern Switzerland. The rain is good for the groundwater, the river and lake levels, as well as for the vegetation, as Meteonews writes.

Because the vegetation period begins in the Swiss Plateau and nature begins to sprout again. The situation in agriculture is also easing with this rainfall. Despite the large amounts of precipitation, Meteonews does not expect any problems: “The rain is spread over several days and the river and lake levels are low. Nature can absorb the amounts of water well.”

Snow and storm at higher altitudes

Storms and even hurricanes are expected in the mountains. The snow line continues to rise and is 2,000 meters above sea level on Saturday. There will be significant amounts of fresh snow at higher altitudes. This is a blessing, especially for the higher-lying ski areas and the glaciers. It rains in lower-lying ski areas. The already difficult situation for such ski areas this winter is getting worse.

Drought persists in the south

In the south, the situation remains tense. In Ticino things will be more friendly on Thursday and Friday. It is partly sunny with a very mild 16 degrees. There may be occasional precipitation in northern Ticino, but it will remain dry for the most part. Thanks to the northern foehn, temperatures in Ticino will rise towards the weekend and can reach around 20 degrees. There is still an absolute fire ban, because with the north wind and the drought, a fire could spread very quickly.

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