"It was awful"  : Alice David reveals the worst anecdotes of her love life

In the podcast The lesson, Alice David who plays in Future, explained why she too would have liked certain moments in her love life to never happen. The actress thus revealed very embarrassing anecdotes from her private life.

Alice David returns to the front of the stage with the series broadcast on TF1, Coming. Alongside Kev Adams, she plays one of the main roles. The opportunity for her to confide in her private life in the podcast Lesson. EShe thus recounted two of her romantic dates which did not go well at all. “It was a few years ago, I ‘date’ a guy that I really like. (…) I have butterflies in my stomach… I have to be perfect. I feel it works. (…) The first evening is going very well, I was so happy that I do not sleep at night“, she thus declared at first. Only, Alice David wanted it to go well so badly that she would have overdone it a bit.

The next day, we go to the same concert. I haven’t slept, I’m exhausted but I’m overexcited. I wanted so badly to make sure I drank Coke on Coke. I drink four or five. In the evening I find the guy in question“That’s when the date went wrong for Alice David.”I take his glass (…). I’m starting to have shaky hands. There I don’t know what’s going on, I feel like I’m in a bed with lots of people massaging me. He’s on top of me, he’s fucking me. I’m on a sofa and I see heads everywhere. He said to me: ‘But you fainted’. I said to myself: ‘But this is horrible’. I was too bad. (…) I had never fainted in my life. I was covered in shame.”

Alice David ruined her reunion with one of her companions

Only, this is not the only romantic date missed by the young actress. She remembered another very complicated anecdote. As she finds the man who shared her life and she had not seen him for a long time, she shares a meal at the restaurant with him. “We eat really well, I take scallops, it’s great cooking. We go home, and at some point we start fighting, we snog on the couch“Only the moment was spoiled because the young woman was ill.”I’m hot, I have a stomach ache, I want to vomit, I’m in too much pain. I go to the bathroom, and there I vomit, it has to come out. I got food poisoning all night.” Something to spoil their reunion.

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